01 May 2010

Daily Mail readers advocating Cannabis cafes?

Check out this story, or don't, probably best not to in case your eyes get distracted to some brown shirts or racist bile, maybe a smear or three - you might be of the unlucky variety - and stumble across a Littlejohn 'article', so, heed my advice, take my word for it and browse some of the images here.

Now, call me an old cynic, but that must be 'Lib Dem' trolls (if such a thing can possibly exist) or the cannabis is great alliance posting comments - but they are the most popular!!! Not hand-picked. The Mail Online readers actually think we should have cannabis cafes.

Do you need anymore reasons to hope for a hung parliament?


Clegg to Cameron: You can have the inheritance tax for the rich and 19.5 VAT and we will take the weed cafes so we can please our core electorate?

Cameron to Clegg: Deal - I tried it in uni when I was hugging a hoodie or a lamppost or a Thatcher statue, I can't quite remember.It was good shit.

*from across the room

Jack Straw: My son does some good stuff at a good price?

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