30 November 2009

Enemies of Reason - This made me laugh at the ridiculous state of our mainstream newspapers. These papers are popular!

Something implying that darkies took the blonde child? Check. Some lies about immigration statistics? Check. A wilfully ignorant front-page rant that a child of five could dismantle? Check. A free DVD that no-one wants? Check. A picture of a pre-pubescent boy from the same newspaper that would vilify paedophiles? Check. A bit of poppy fascism? Check. JACKPOT!

Do blogs get any better than this? Im yet to find one. http://enemiesofreason.blogspot.com/

Example from Enemies of Reason

Fear. Fear! Fear about wrinkles. You're getting old! And look, the bloody Poles are procreating! The selfish bastards, having children which are just a strain on the NHS and schools rather than paying for the vast pension pot of an ageing population who... er, read the Daily Mail and have wrinkles. But there's a picture of Kate & Gerry to lighten the mood. Some new bollocks theory about what someone might have thought a few months ago but isn't sure about now. Who did they sell her to? Darkies probably! Coming over to steal our babies! But not the Polish ones, obviously.


Blog - Enemies of Reason - Great Analysis


It really is amazing how many fantastic blogs are out there if you keep searching. Look at the links and followers for a start, but this blog seems to have MORE media analysis than tabloid watch. Both are brilliant, both deserve a read and a follow.

28 November 2009

Tabloid Watch- Brilliant


The Last Nazi - The Daily Mail


Will this be the last nazi story in the mail, i think not.

The PodcastFOUR4


By Dom Farelli

This week the discussion basis was, “Censorship.” This was due to Dom Farelli being censored on local radio when discussing (slagging off) some local pubs.

Topics discussed;

Failing to achieve four people for the first show, curing homelessness, Avril Lavigne‘s complicated lies, local newspaper two days behind breaking story, shaming pubs, solving licensing problems, straight sex AIDS, do vampires exist? censored Ice-T punk music, Russell Brand fucking Satanic Slut, racism fine against fake Spanish waiters, “5 Minute Mail” segment - Daily Mail’s fascist views, 1944 face book, Fight Club, mocking Jared Leto, Love Film fucking everything up, American Pie 7, joke free comedies, Richard’s Bacon, summary.

27 November 2009

Private Eye - Rotten Councils Part 2


Some Classic Wikileaks Exclusives Since it Started:


Wikileaks - A Brief Outline


Wikileaks accepts classified, censored or otherwise restricted material of political, diplomatic or ethical significance. Wikileaks does not accept rumour, opinion or other kinds of first hand reporting or material that is already publicly available.

All staff who deal with sources are accredited journalists. All submissions establish a journalist-source relationship. Online submissions are routed via Sweden and Belgium which have first rate journalist-source shield laws. In Sweden, not only does the law provide protection against any official inquiry into journalists’ sources, but it allows a source whose identity has been revealed without permission to initiate criminal prosecutions against an unfaithful journalist who has breached his or her promise of confidentiality.

Wikileaks records no source identifying information and there are a number of submission mechanisms available to deal with even the most sensitive national security information.

Wikileaks is the winner of the 2008 Economist Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression award and the 2009 Amnesty International human rights reporting award (New Media).

Wikileaks has a history breaking major stories in every major media outlet and robustly protecting sources and press freedoms. No source has ever been exposed and no material has ever been censored. Since formation in early 2007, WikiLeaks has been victorious over every legal (and illegal) attack, including those from the Pentagon, the Chinese Public Security Bureau, the Former president of Kenya, the Premier of Bermuda, Scientology, the Catholic & Mormon Church, the largest Swiss private bank, and Russian companies. WikiLeaks has released more classified intelligence documents than the rest of the world press combined.

US encouraged Ethiopian invasion of Somalia: UN meeting memo with Jenday Frazer, Secretary of State for African Affairs, 2006


This just shows the US is not always the promoter od democratic and peaceful negotiations when it comes to certain areas of the Planet.

Wikileaks Publishes Half a Million pager messages on 9/11


Wikileaks asks for anyone who downloads this to forward any peculiar looking or new information that is not yet known about the tragedy.

25 November 2009

The Ruling on the 'Fair' Bank Charges


This is an absolute scandal, how can ALL the other courts in the land decide the charges ARE unfair, but the 'Supreme' court manages to decide, unanimously, that the banks are fair to charge what they want, and that the Office of Fair Trading should not comment on it!

The 'Supreme' Court - Biographies


Not a word about any connection to the banks?

Former Soviet States - Battleground for Global Domination? Centre for Global Research


Another very in depth and it seems well researched article on the future of former Soviet states and the role they could play in the strategic future of the Globe...


Front Page of Report - First released LAST year on hwikileaks http://wikileaks.org/wiki/UK_Stability_Operations_in_Iraq_report_2006

Iraq Leaked Report - Found first on Wikileaks last year, now only released in the Telegraph


This is a must read from an inside document from the MOD, it states clearly the concerns with the lack of planning and indeed preperation. It is a must read document.

Obama quietly backs Patriot Act extension


Wikileaks provides the link again...

24 November 2009

The Daily Mail: A little snippet from editorial history - Wikipedia


In early 1934, Rothermere and the Mail' were editorially sympathetic to Oswald Mosley and the radical National Socialist British Union of Fascists.[18] Rothermere wrote an article entitled "Hurrah for the Blackshirts", in January 1934, praising Mosley for his "sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine".[19] However, pressure from advertisers in the Daily Mail grew significant when Rothermere proposed to set up a cigarette company and so Rothermere backed off and ceased to support them.[20]

During the great abdication crisis of 1936, the Daily Mail supported the King, but was only joined by the Daily Express, Evening Standard and Evening News.[21]

Rothermere was a friend and supporter of both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, which influenced the Mail's political stance towards them up to 1939.[22][23] Rothermere visited and corresponded with Hitler. On 1 October 1938, Rothermere sent Hitler a telegram in support of Germany's invasion of the Sudetenland, and expressing the hope that 'Adolf the Great' would become a popular figure in Britain. However, this was tempered by an awareness of the military threat from the resurgent Germany, of which he warned J.C. Davidson. Rothermere had an executive plane built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company which, with a speed of 307 mph, was faster than any fighter. In 1935, this plane was presented to the RAF on behalf of the Daily Mail where it became the Bristol Blenheim bomber.[24]

In 1937, the Mail's chief war correspondent, George Ward Price, to whom Mussolini once wrote in support of him and the newspaper, published a book, I Know These Dictators, in defence of Hitler and Mussolini. Evelyn Waugh was sent as a reporter for the Mail to cover the anticipated Italian invasion of Ethiopia.

In 1938, as persecution of the Jews in Europe escalated, the Mail objected to their seeking asylum in Britain. “The way stateless Jews from Germany are pouring in from every port of this country is becoming an outrage. The number of aliens entering the country through the back door is­ a problem to which the Daily Mail has repeatedly pointed.”

Rothermere and the Mail supported Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement, particularly during the events leading up to the Munich Agreement. In 2005, the British Foreign Office disclosed previously secret letters from Rothermere addressed to Hitler from the summer of 1939, in which he congratulated the German leader on his annexation of Czechoslovakia, urged him to invade Romania, and called Hitler's work "great and superhuman"


Secret Bank Loans: If Only?


Amazing how banks get billion pound secret loans but i cant get a tenner!

The Robin Hood Banker - Could it exist?


Fantastic story. Sorry, am I advocating crime here! No way.

The Workings of Conwy Council and the People Power

This Quote was taken off the "Thoughts of Oscar" Blog, and is a great example of how councils work, and how large decisions are made. I know it is stating the obvious but sometimes its just good to restate the obvious.

"Off topic but there could be hope for the council yet, thanks to people power their plans for Bryn Euryn have now been scrapped. "
Sadly, I doubt that's the case. They will only back down on minor issues. Try getting them to change their mind on things like the redevelopment of Colwyn Bay! With that, we have the sham process of 'public consultation', where the decisions have already been taken by regeneration boards and committees filled with council stooges and any ideas by 'ordinary' people are either ignored or filed away and forgotten about.

The renovation of Station Road is a case in point. The traders wanted the street reopened to traffic, everyone I've spoken to wanted the street reopened to traffic, yet 'they' knew better. As a result, we have a vast, sterile expanse of cheap Chinese granite that is already starting to look tatty."

23 November 2009

Have I Got News for You - BBC 1 - Latest 20/11/09


Great episode.

Climate Change ACTUAL Emails on File - Wikileaks Exclusive


These are the original documents and emails that outline a cover up of dissenting scientific voices over the Climate Change debate. Congratulations to Wikileaks.

Climate Change Scandal Continues


Now THIS is a scandal.

Dismore Defends Expenses Claims - Really?


This should be good?

The Devastating Book That Debunks Climate Change? The Daily Mail


The Daily Mail, never sure about this paper but it does have some good articles from time to time. Occasionally - at best.

Councils Urged to Merge Services - BBC News


Good, Bad or the Future? After the B(w)ankers took all the Tax Cash, the money left for KEY social and public services is reduced. That makes loads of sense. But what are the solutions? Could this report in Scotland provide some answers?

Support this Priceless Organisation


This website/organisation is crucial in the fight against robbing MPs, Robbing Companies and Banks, and corrupt Governments.

Essay on 'Future Shock' Tactics


Fully referenced, Fully sourced, unlike the modern media.

MP in Charge of Expenses Standards on the Rob


This just keeps on running and running, and rightly so. No conspiracy theory required here, the MPs are blatantly stealing in front of our very eyes. Although it was 'within the rules' so hey ho, its off to work they go.

22 November 2009

The Great British Drug Debate - Who do you agree with - You Decide


Rotten Councils - In Brief - from 'Private-Eye'


It really does defy belief what some councillors or councils get upto, if you have not signed up for Private-Eye yet, you should, it is an essential tool in the fight against corruption...

RUBOBAN - Rupert the Bearer of Bad News


This man is a very successful joke. Rupert 'Dominate the World News and TV and EntertainmentBusiness' Murdoch. RUpert the Bear-er Of BAd News or RUBOBAN.

Banks to charge YOU to take out YOUR money.


Robbing B(w) ankers

Private Eye on the Media Mogul Mentals


It beggars belief that mass media editors can get away with this...

Funny Vid of Nick the Pric


This link highlights the Nazi friends Mr Griffin has in the USA.


Why do we not learn the lessons of history, ever.

Great Quote

So very true. But only after the river has been polluted and drained.

20 November 2009

Just add a Tiny Tash and he could be a Famous Austrian fella we all know and Hate.

Construction Firms on the Rob...


Important document relating to the numerous cases of 'stealing' public money when tenders are put out to private companies. Oh the joy of the 'free' market.


Whole article.

Snippet from article found in the business section of The Times.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) today fined the construction industry £129.5 million after an investigation into bid-rigging between companies tendering for public sector building contracts.

Today's fine, which follows a four-year cartel inquiry, is far lower than had been expected. The OFT has the power to impose fines of up to 10 per cent of turnover against a company for cartel activity but today’s penalty is believed to be equivalent to between one per cent to two per cent of each business’s turnover.

In total, 103 companies have been fined for engaging in "illegal anti-competitive bid-rigging activities” on 199 tenders between 2000 and 2006 worth £200 million. The OFT had accused 112 companies of colluding to rig bids on building contracts worth as much as £3 billion, beginning the investigation in 2004 after a complaint from an East Midlands council.

The Lockerbie Injustice

This is a timeline from the brilliant report by Paul Foot, published in Private Eye, and still available for download from http://www.private-eye.co.uk/



Pamela Dix, who lost her brother at Lockerbie,
Martin and Rita Cadman who lost their son, Jim and
Jane Swire who lost their daughter, as did John and
Lisa Mosey, have all helped the Eye with this story
over the last twelve years. Others who have helped
with this story include Tam Dalyell MP, Professor
Robert Black, John Ashton, Anthony Sampson and
Margaret Renn. Few if any of these people will agree
with the style or conclusions here, which makes
their help all the more invaluable.

1988 21 December. Pan Am Jumbo jet flight 103 bombed over
Lockerbie. 259 crew and passengers and eleven on the
ground killed.
1989 February. Forensic investigations show that the bomb went
off in a Samsonite suitcase in the hold of the plane. In the
case were clothes bought in a shop in Sliema, Malta.
1989 March. Transport Minister Paul Channon tells journalists
at the Garrick Club that police have found the terrorists
responsible for the bombing and arrests are imminent.
1989 March. President Bush rings Prime Minister Thatcher
with suggestions to “low key” inquiries into Lockerbie.
1989 September. Scottish police interview Maltese shopkeeper
Tony Gauci for the first time. Show him pictures of
Palestinian terrorists.
1989 October. Sunday Times starts long series of articles
identifying the Palestinian PFLP-GC as the organisation
responsible for the bombing.
1989 December. Prime Minister Thatcher turns down demands
for a public inquiry into Lockerbie.
1990 February. American Presidential Commission on
Aviation Security and Terrorism reports. Includes several
references to PFLP-GC.
1990 July. FBI agent Tom Thurman invites Scottish police to
Washington. Shows them MST-13 timers, and suggests
similarities with fragment found from Lockerbie debris.
1990 2 August. Iraq invades Kuwait. UN forces start to gather
in Saudi Arabia in combined operation against Iraq
known as Desert Storm..
1990 September. First reports in western media, notably
L’ Express, naming Libya as possible suspects for
Lockerbie bombing.
1990 October. Fatal accident inquiry into Lockerbie starts in
Scotland. No inquiry or conclusion into who was
responsible for the bombing.
1990 November. Syria removed from US list of countries
harbouring terrorists. Syrian forces join Desert Storm.
Libya first named in British media as possible suspect for
1991 January. Desert Storm bombing of Iraq begins.
1991 February. Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci first shown
photograph of Abdelbasset Megrahi, a Libyan
intelligence agent, and half-identifies him as the
purchaser of clothes in his shop.
1991 July. CIA informer, garage mechanic and Libyan airline
manager Majid Giaka, taken off Malta in a US warship
and interviewed by FBI agent.
1991 October. Giaka gives evidence at a US Grand Jury.
1991 November. US indictments name Megrahi and Libyan
airline manager Lamin Fhimah as Lockerbie conspirators
and murderers. Scottish legal authorities follow suit.
1992 January. UN imposes sanctions on Libya until the two
suspects are released.
1992-1998 Stalemate as Libya refuses to release suspects.
1998-early 1999 Negotiations inspired by South African
President Nelson Mandela.
1999 April. Suspects give themselves up for trial under
Scottish law in a special trial in Holland.
2000 May. Trial opens under three Scottish judges (and no
jury) at Camp Zeist in Holland.
2001 January. Megrahi convicted of murder, Fhimah

18 November 2009


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