28 February 2010

The Podcast Four (14) - A right-lefty podcast

This week the discussion basis was, “A Right Lefty Podcast.” George was doing some political stuff, Dom was angry, together, there was left issues and Georges inherent racism.

Topics discussed;

George‘s racist opening, stupid gay questions, live soap, studio Hitler, Run Down(ie), micro-fume, logistical shit, no gays in Texas, lefty blog, Maddie, white women, love Government lies, who da fools? Murdoch stole cricket, Carlito‘s Fifa, custard, brother Farelli, Pensylvannia peado-cam, wank-ring, Apple Wack, multi-ethnic-nationalist, twitter fan, Cross Keys again, how pub promotion works, punkers, friendly stalking, Dom‘s a spaz child, HMV interview, Dom’s threat, Smith Voucher punch, pre-emptive no coffee, Bronx squash, kids don’t count on counting, insect fuck up, censoring at 12, phone check, fit teachers, Danny Dyer bit, Ray WinstonE, Katona, character flaw rehab, fancy vs. fit, math fails, just end it, 99 no, 1 yes, call back, table turning on Dom, 150 mile injunction, end.

Cheers Domino.

David Cameron MP - in detail.

To facilitate my travel in my capacity as Leader of the Opposition I have received* helicopter and private plane travel from the following:
JCB Research
Harris Ventures Ltd
Henfield Lodge Aviation Ltd, London
William Cook Holdings, Sheffield
*forget first class rail travel then Dave, your better than that.

General Election to be called on 01/03/2010

The Conservative lead in the opinion polls has all but disappeared. The Conservative Party are lurching to the right looking to appeal to traditional voters. Surely now is the time to call the election. The political blogs were brimming with speculation about the possibility of the election being confirmed this weekend.

Has the date already been decided? Gordon should go for it now. My prediction is - and has been for 18 months - for a hung parliament. Where we go from that, who knows?

23 February 2010

What is a hung parliament?

...and does it involve violence or capital punishment?

Well, the answer is neither of the above. So lets move on from that suggestion. My own belief - before checking the definition - was a system that encouraged the best bits from each of the parties involved and reduced the amount of party politics indulged in. It is brief and simplistic, but is, I think, a general impression of what can happen. This is counter-balanced with the many arguments of nothing getting achieved and party squabbles over political coalitions getting in the way. This is coupled with a constant assumption that the House of Commons is only credible and successful when governments rail road over the voting process with a huge majority, based sometimes, on the vagaries of the voting system itself.

Other options are outlined below:


UK Parliament glossary
Polling prediction

This final report, in downloadable format, is from the House of Commons library and outlines all the previous cases of a hung parliament in the UK and some of the resolutions taken.

It is the best I managed to find online - and just shows the quality of resources available on our government records system - forgetting, obviously, the significant amount that is airbrushed or blatantly censored.

The BBC should be ashamed to accept the musings of an investment bank analyst for political predictions and critiques. They are hardly the most impartial judges in the world.

Look the private interest groups are getting restless at the thought that the British government might get a left-wing coalition to move the UK forward with public services and civic investment.

How can this happen under a Labour government?

Bosses of global healthcare firms were licking their lips this week as the government prepared to hand the running of an NHS hospital to a private company.

Hinchingbrooke hospital in Cambridgeshire will be the first to be taken over by a non-NHS company. This is a major escalation of health service privatisation.

Campaigners’ anger grew as it became clear that the chair of one company in the bidding is bankrolling a Tory MP.

Is this a confusing defeatist acceptance by this Labour government? An assumption that the only way to successfully run a hospital is to put it out to tender in the private sector? Will cash tills be installed in the corridors and receptions of NHS hospitals? How will the company look to make a profit? Does it make sense to remove (profit) capital out of the NHS budgets?

My biggest worry - and one that scares me a great deal - is the development of a political consensus that agrees that the future lies with the private sector. This cannot be allowed to happen. Profit should never exist or be mentioned within any hospital environment. The above article highlights the avenues of protest available against this proposal.

21 February 2010

The UFO files

Newly released UFO files from the UK government.

"The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents covering the years 1994-2000.
Find out more about close encounters, strange illnesses, flying ‘Toblerones’ and unidentified objects tracked on radar."

All other released files also stored on the above link.

Do you believe? Like Danny Dyer.

Top Stories of the Year 2010

The day is Sunday, the date is the 21st of February, a perfect time - obviously - to do a round-up of the best articles I have read so far this year.

1. PCC and Jan Moir: business as usual? Enemies of Reason

2. Idiot's guide to blaming rape victims - Feminazery

3. Attack on Lily reveals true face of David Cameron - Tank the Tories

4. This is how much the Mail cares about Dover - Tabloid Watch

5. Ourselves, in other contexts - Hannah Nicklin

6. Freeman Project - Old Holborn (1) and Freeman negotiations (2) and finally Freeman update (3)

7. News about dicks - Enemies of Reason

In no particular order other than from 1 to 7.

Enjoy. I did.

Dutch double-speak

"Geert Wilders’ populist anti-immigration 'Freedom Party (PVV)"

Check out this article on Liberal Conspiracy about the fragile political situation in the Netherlands due to the ongoing presence of Dutch troops in Afghanistan.

My worry, however, - and something that happens a lot in society, especially in the media/propaganda/political society - is the use of double-speak. How can someone with policies like these ever possibly claim to believe in freedom? Or is he using the word 'freedom' in his parties title to try and create that impression in voters minds, whilst advocating, at times, the total opposite.

Language is very powerful - especially in politics.

Always apply context before definition.

The Podcast Four - Issues and Tissues

Latest episode from The Podcast Four

This week the discussion basis was, “Issues.” George was patronising and Dom was angry, together, there was issues and tissues. Well no tissues, but it rhymes.

Topics discussed;
Harsh opening, new name, few issues, researching diseases, benefit of the rant, hindering, hyper eye guy, patronise, studio 2.0, threats of violence, Hitler accent, what is this YouTube you speak of? Techno-memory, white rappers again, social commentary, pale in mental health, John Maher twitter twat, sex napalm, oozing fuck, white dick supremacist, dropping n-bombs, Coopers roommate, she was fit, motherfucking email, superfan, can’t kill him, wordplay, ‘book, not racist usually means racist, Scottish and Irish denied language, Al in, some talk of this football thing, castle faced Italians, all footballers are rapists, Haiti Vs 9/11, light hearted notes, Katona, Dyer radio, swearing, Dyer on coke - on stage - on unemployment, think Richard think, George don’t know, Noah’s yacht, Doug Stanhope, stiro-gram? Nope, foetus-porn, full on John Maher racist, Engrish, 30 goodbyes, Dom’s plea, goodbye, end.

Written by the bwilliantly named - Dom the ... (fill in space appropriately)

20 February 2010

YouGov shows smallest Tory lead for 14 months

Taken from UK Polling Report

There is a YouGov poll in tomorrow’s Sunday Times which, according to Sky, has top line figures of CON 39%(nc), LAB 33%(+1), LDEM 17%(-1). Unsurprisingly there is no great change from Friday’s figure, but the lead does still seem to be shrinking and this is the smallest gap from YouGov since 2008.

More to come later when we see what other questions the Sunday Times asked. There is also a rumour about of a second poll showing the Conservatives with a 10 point lead – I have no idea what that is, or if it is true. We shall see.

Daily Mail headline of the day




I'm sure I have seen both before.

Make your own Mail headline with Daily Mail-o-matic

19 February 2010

White terrorism just doesn't fit the narrative - Joseph Stack

So a white man, with views similar to that of the Tea Party movement in the USA, flies a plane into a government building. Aiming, as his suicide letter claims, to kill 'hundreds of people', because he does not like big government. His name is Joseph Stack - and his actions caused people to jump out of tower block windows, similar to another event you might have caught on the news in 2001.

Read this Fox News report, can you find the word terrorist? Can you find the pulling apart of his principles? Can you find the fear we should have of those angry, white, tea party people with fake passports and pilot training course applications. No. This is not terrorism - this does not fit the narrative - this is not a national security issue. Remember the case on Christmas Day? The guy who blew up his balls in an attempt to blow up a plane? That was 24 hour coverage. Wall to wall, non-stop scaremongering. This has passed the people of the UK by without hardly a mention. Would the coverage have been different had he been called Mohammed bin-al-Joseph Stackoumoun? You bet it would. Had his suicide note been filled with comments about Allah, the axis of evil and US imperialism. It reeks. It is plain and simple double standards.

Oh, and if your anti-EU, you might just claim he was speaking sense. Got to love the intelligent terrorists eh? Unbelievable.

18 February 2010

A Tale of Two Tories

One day. Two Tory MPs. Two opposite ends of the media spectrum. Left-wing BBC morning radio show, and right-wing online churnalism. Two opposite ends of the political spectrum. The same political party. The Conservative Party. Who's tale is the truth?

Sir Nicholas Winterton and his ranting rage against the British public, a public who dare question why the tax-payer should fund his first-class rail travel. He claims that it would not be possible for the poor soul to get on with his important work while mixing with the masses in standard class. Oh no, not at all, we just pay the £300 difference. How could he possibly afford it on his measly MPs salary.

Darty David Cameron is next - did you know he was a huge fan of slobbing out with a Guinness and watching the darts on TV. A 'man of the people ya know'. A right royal John Smith. A Jonesey. Every-man's man. Or that is what he would have us believe. Or worse than that - this image is what his paid advisers have advised him to want to have us believe. Keeping up? No, nor me.

Anyway the crucial point is which version of Tory principle and character is the true one*? Well even the Daily Mail bunch on the bottom of the online article have ganged up on Darty David. They don't believe a word he says.

The reaction to Sir Nicholas' anger is wholly different. We know he is speaking his mind. That's the point. He is leaving parliament at the next election, so can say whatever he likes, like when you tell colleagues the truth you have been thinking all along the day you leave a job. No comeback. Not for him. But will this have a negative impact on the general election - it might stick in the mind of a few voters who refuse to accept the Tory "we are your friends, we can be who you want us to be" approach.

As long as the Tories don't forget 'the standard class' if they are elected.

*This article written on Tank the Tories highlights brilliantly the 'true face of David Cameron'

Newswipegate - An update - Clifford Speaks!

Max Clifford spoke today about the case involving Starsuckers and the News of the World. Clifford claimed he has never asked for an injunction. The Starsuckers blog outlines the case in greater detail.

Their letter to us of the 23rd October by Partner Magnus Boyd states:

“The purpose of this letter is to invite your written confirmation by no later than 11am on 23 October that Mr Cowell’s name and the sums he has paid to Mr Clifford will be beeped in such a way as to ensure that your viewers cannot deduce this information from the film…. Please may we hear from you by 11am confirmation sought failing which we shall advise our client to apply to the court for relief including but not limited to an injunction.”

Well - and call me stupid if you must - but that sounds pretty much like a threat of an injunction. Albeit in jumped-up legal language, 'confirmation sought failing' is a top quality piece of garbage expertly termed the words of justice. I beg to differ if I call it the language of oppression, freedom killing, Big Brother (the bad one) style behaviour.

David Cameron - Are you having a laugh?

This article on The Daily Mail website highlights exactly what is wrong with politics today, he is trying to claim he is a 'man of the people' when everyone can see he is clearly not. Look at the comments on the bottom of the Mail article and even the right-wing 'mailers' can see right through it.

Does it not make you laugh? What a fool.

"The Tory leader has given an interview in which he talks about his love of darts, canned Guinness and 'gritty' shows on the telly."
He is trying to be the 'new' Tony Blair, and he thinks this is what the British people want, if so, then his advisers should be sacked immediately. Just be yourself David, and let the public decide if they like you. Don't treat us like fools. Please.

The real David Cameron?
Or maybe we will find out when he does this?
The Daily Mash take an alternative version. Cameron partial to a spot of light porn.

Luciana Berger - Labour candidate in Liverpool

Political scandal in Liverpool is brewing up with the naming of a candidate who doesn't even know the name and history of Bill Shankly. Does she know who The Beatles are I hear you cry? What about the River Mersey? Or even the crossing ferry?

Well, in true Liverpudlian style, Ricky Tomlinson has offered his services to the Socialist Labour Party to stand as a potential candidate. If you were wondering what all the fuss is about, read some of the comments in this article, or even the criticism from various political blogs, regional newspapers and, of course, other local candidates.

It certainly makes for an interesting debate about selecting candidates - a problem all parties seem to have. It is incredibly difficult to select individuals who have no affiliation to the area, and sounds like a centralised selection policy. Well, if Tomlinson does indeed stand, it should make for a popular campaign. The central-order-of-folks who made this decision will maybe think twice next time? Or buy them a book of local history and culture, with the instructions, 'read this from front to back -twice'.

Sir Nicholas Winterton - Tory MP - "The public are wrong"

Sir Nicholas Winterton, Conservative MP for Macclesfield, claims "the public are wrong" to believe that MPs should travel 'standard' class.

The expenses fiasco has been 'misrepresented' by the media.

A 'different' type of people travel 'standard' class, preventing him from doing any work.

The expenses scandal, surrounding Sir Nicholas, has been outlined here (and some information about the MP himself, and here at the Macclesfield Express

Check out the audio on Radio Five Live, it was the Stephan Nolan show between 10am and midday.

His utter contempt for the public was astounding, and I wonder if David Cameron, the bastion of cleaning up the expenses system - the moral headlight on how to deal with the expenses fiasco - who himself claimed for mortgage interest and oil for his gas lamp, would agree with Sir Nicholas' belief 'that the public are wrong'. That when the public want something - sometimes they should bow down to the better judgement of the first class individuals who represent them.

You can also listen to the audio here at Guido Fawkes.*

Not only can you listen to the audio clip, but if you check out the comments section you can read the Tory reaction to the comments, and the denials and true feelings that come over constantly. Finally check out the time on the post by Guido - 12:41pm. Check out the time this article was posted - 10:19am. George brings you this unbiased political/media coverage first (wink,wink).

17 February 2010

Newswipegate - An update

After yesterday's post - and the censorship of a Starsuckers clip that was due to go out after the NOTW/Terry segment, an update has been published today on the Starsuckers blog.

It provides a fantastic timeline of the events surrounding the News of the World, and its attempts to censor information from the British public.

This is a very interesting section -

-Last week we were told categorically that the Starsuckers piece would be in Tuesdays Newswipe

-On the day of transmission we were told by the production team that the segment had been cut for pressures of time, just hours before broadcast.

-Further calls elsewhere in the BBC told us that the segment was cut as it was fraught with legal problems and that the beeb did not want a lengthy battle with News International, a view further supported by messages we have received once it kicked off on Twitter.

-Since then we've had categorical denials of this from several members of the Newswipe team and from Brooker himself (someone who I greatly admire). Brookers tweet suggests that they may use the piece in the future, which will now have to be in the next series. This seems unlikely given that it's a topical news program and that the next series will be going out nearly a year after the original story.

-I have learned that doll in Adam Curtis' short was deliberately blacked out as a form of protest against the BBC for blanking out practically every other face in the doc.

Make your own mind-up. Not seen the film - so can't wait to watch it and the banished clip - but banning anything because you don't want the public to see your true values and principles is worse than John Terry and Ashley Cole put together. Imagine that, would that make the front page?

Fined for dropping a banana skin - don't slip-up with Big Brother Watch

This may sound like it came signed, sealed and delivered from the Daily Mail - but alas this is a stupidly true account of someone being fined £50 for her child dropping a banana skin. The explanations and details of this case are outlined by this Big Brother Watch article - a real bastion of independent analysis and coverage (not a Tory 'think-tank' at all).

Now not taking responsibility for toddlers who cause havoc in the public arena has long since been a huge concern for alarmed residents of the area. And this could go two ways - the serious element - an over-arching, totalitarian nightmare of government interference in every element of our lives. A fucking nightmare. The swear word here is an essential and sometimes forgotten part of modern written newspaper coverage. Coupled with the obvious linkage I have with the Big Brother, the good one, concerns have to be raised.

Seriously though, in a sarcastic way, surely this is just a nimby-fied, power-mad, complaint-driven - individual - the kind I would rather avoid in every aspect of my life. The rule itself is fine. The application, like so many, is down to the individual; something the blog post explains very well. Plenty of other articles also highlight this theme - sticklers. Does anyone like sticklers? But if we don't laugh, we have to cry; so I say we should keep a watch over crazy-eyed toddler's who throw polluting litter and syringes overboard into the vicinity of the fair and proper British folks.

Private Eye - No.1256 - Round-up

Official site here


John Terry on the front page of the Sun, and why this is full of double-standards with the full-on stench of set-up, 'my-family-is-happy-now' syndrome*.

*Especially when you consider that Terry is a columnist in the above tabloid pile of shite. This should have been the real John Terry front page though.


Lord Hanningfield, former Tory leader of Essex county council, stepped down on 5th February after being charged under the theft act - robbing bastard. There are also other concerns about the deal he signed in Dec. 2009 with computer firm IBM. This came after previous outsourcing private communication deals failed, and cost the taxpayer millions.


Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair both used the child deaths in Iraq as a reason to justify the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. George has previously commented on these two 'pre-emptive war criminals'. This time they mess about with the figures about child deaths before the invasion, and claim to have saved the lives of 50,000 Iraqi children since. Google the numbers for yourself - there is plenty of evidence to the contrary, here is one article I found myself.

**Remember to buy issue 1256 to get a full run down on many other stories of interest.

Barclays Bank leader John Varley
Sir Kevin Tebbit with hidden agendas
Nationwide building society refusing to pay tax in the UK (£15million)
The Guardian/Observer somewhat negative attitude to each other

16 February 2010

Brooker - Newswipe - Series 2 - Episode 5 - Newswipe-gate?

Find the latest episode here

Also don't forget this little snippet of scandalous censorship on the BBC by the NOTW.

Taken from this blog

"A couple of months ago I filmed a piece for Charlie Brookers excellent Newswipe, the intention being to expose the gaping hypocrisy and contradiction of the NOTW's stance. The piece gained even more potency after the NOTW broke the John Terry story, and Tom Crone had been publicly claiming that News International were ruthless defenders of free speech. Brooker's team had specifically asked us to hold back the story of our legal battle, to give Newswipe the exclusive. Last week we were told that the Starsuckers vs NOTW story would definitely be in this weeks final show, neatly coming after the John Terry section.

This afternoon we were told that the piece has been cut, and we have heard from several sources that this is due to the BBC caving in and avoiding a fight with the NOTW.

The irony that a piece about censorship has in itself been censored has not passed us by. I think it's highly unlikely that this has anything to do with Mr Brooker himself, and more the influence of a spinless BBC legal department.

George is furious that freedom of speech has been taken away from the British public by the so-called bastions of free speech and the written word. Grrr (appalling reaction I know) but I will come up with another, more constructive plan. I'm sure.

BBC bidding for future sports rights

Should the BBC be bidding large amounts of licence fee money for exclusive coverage to sporting events? After reading this article on Digital Spy I was slightly confused by the "fair market test on the sports rights" that the BBC are sending out to an independent consultant firm. This seems madness, they must have some staff who can make that judgement, and even if they get a recommended figure, would that be accurate anyway? These bidding processes are notoriously unpredictable, with rival bidders paying much higher amounts than the second and lower bidding group. This example illustrates how the BBC can "overestimate the commercial value" of certain sporting rights.

The sports rights within the UK bring in vast commercial and public broadcasting revenue, as this report confirms, the annual value of the top ten sports rights within the UK is £1.3bn. The report by Ofcom also brings to our attention the domination of the Premier League. It is valued greater than all the other individual football tournaments and sports themselves who make up the top ten.

The report confirms the difficulties the BBC face when determining how much to bid for individual broadcasting licences, it is a minefield; however the detail within the Ofcom study allows anyone with half a brain to work out the relative values based on perceived growth and potential viewers, balanced alongside the 'public service broadcasting' principle the BBC is duty bound to uphold. It should not be outsourced to a private consultancy firm. Decide for yourselves, but I do hope they manage to bring the cricket back to BBC TV. That is my only request. Please.

What's happening to TV news?

Segment from Charlie Brooker (Screenwipe and Newswipe), including the brilliant Adam Curtis.

Included because of the quality of news today in the modern, post-digital world. In a word. Shit. Or two words. Fucking Shit.

As for the news that Newswipe has been censored for two episodes running, it is becoming clear that the news-makers, be it print or TV, are shitting bricks when it comes to the public beginning to understand the techniques involved, and truth behind the majority of coverage.

Watch the film Starsuckers if you get chance. Check out this link to the blog and the issues surrounding censorship and the News of the Shite.


Top of my "I've never voted Tory before" mock-up's

http://ivenevervotedtory.wordpress.com/ Other images available at this new site which has become a huge hit online.

Credit - Sean Craig


Cameron - ITV 'primetime' slot?

So after the vitriol, anger and electioneering accusations levelled at Gordon Brown after his appearance on ITV on Sunday evening, mainly from Tory blogs, newspapers and supporters, it seems the same is going to happen with David Cameron. Taking advantage of your dead children and your family? Using your friends to come across well? Some of the disgusting comments made against Brown; even from the mainstream journalists (Quentin Letts) on Radio Five in particular.

This is all nonsense of course. No-one forced anyone to watch it. Brown came across well, and I am sure Cameron will or would do just the same if he were to do a similar programme. Both have had tragic episodes in their life, and if they would ever take advantage of it to secure an extra couple of votes, they should be ashamed of themselves, and disowned by their current wife's and children! Seriously!

Personalities, life experience and personal opinions will always affect how you judge a politician, and they are one of the only professions that have to be 'judged'. However, the only issue that should really matter, with any vote you cast, is the policies and principles of the parties you choose to vote for. Bear that in mind next time you see or hear about the next episode of 'Gordon and Sarah' on 'Living' or 'Cameron in Ibiza' on his beloved Sky One.


15 February 2010

Dispatches - Channel 4 - Kids don't count


In 2009 more than one in five children left primary school having failed to grasp the basic maths skills required by the national curriculum. In a two-part special, Dispatches asks why and how are we failing Britain's children when it comes to maths.

Dispatches follows a class of final-year pupils at Barton Hill Primary School in Bristol as their staff adopt a radical approach to teaching, in a bid to improve the maths ability of these children before they head off to secondary school.

The problem couldn't be more urgent. Research shows that failing to grasp the fundamentals of maths at primary school leaves only a one in ten chance of catching up by the age of 16.

Dispatches hears from leading lights in the worlds of business and academia - including the CEO of Sainsbury's, Justin King, and George Davies, formerly of Next and Asda - about the impact on the economy and on adult life of leaving school without basic maths skills.

In a provocative nationwide exercise, Dispatches examines the standard of primary maths teaching in this country by testing the teachers. No tricks; just 27 questions that a bright 11-year-old would be able to answer. The shocking results are revealed in the programme.

George Says:

How did maths teaching in schools become so poor? It is shocking. Not specifically the pupils - they are only young, and if you can teach a young child to 'get' maths, to understand the concept of there always being a correct answer, always including 'working out', the process being more important than the answer - children can catch-up. It was the teachers that shocked me the most. Only 46% passed a 'simple' maths test.

SAT tests need to be abolished. They went from learning about the secrets behind maths, to being taught specifically how to pass the SAT test. Nightmare. This might help schools appear to be teaching the basics. League table rankings improve, but does it help the kids understand the subject? From the evidence of this programme it would appear not. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have already dumped the dreaded SAT's, surely now is the time for England to do the same.

Check out the website for more information, feedback, and the dreaded test itself.

A test that George took, and as someone who thinks he knows a bit about 'mafs and dat', he was ashamed with his results. 65%. OK. Some basic mistakes made though. Back to school for George.

E.g: 1/2 x 1/4 = Any answers on a postcard

Some Comments from Channel 4 website:

ICANIWILLDOMATH on 15 February 2010 at 20:58

Being able to do basic mathematics including fractions and times tables without a calculator is a fundamental skill everyone needs, whether they are a mathematician or a manual worker. If the system is the problem, work towards changing it and if the teachers are the problem, educate them in how to do it properly but do stop whining about whose fault it is. There is far too much at stake here to keep doing it badly. I for one will make sure that my kids are mathematics literate before they get to school as I will not be leaving it to chance in the British education circus.

FIONA on 15 February 2010 at 21:25

As a teacher, I think the programme highlighted some very important issues, often lack of systematic teaching throughout the primary phase in maths leads to key problems in Years 5 and 6. Which unfortunately due to SATs pressure means some of those children who need that extra support as shown in the programme do not have the time available to consolidate the problems. Also I hope some ministers were watching those poor kids suffering because of the huge emphasis put on the SATs tests in Year 6. Its a very sad state of affairs when children hate maths so much!

"I've never voted Tory before..." Tweets galore -

jeffica #ivenevervotedtory because I'm not selfish & believe it's better to help the majority in most need than the few [rich/middle class].

Im_Clarificus #IvenevervotedTory because they're the scummy bastards who introduced section 28, allowing years of bullying and abuse to be ignored.

TanktheTories RT @AndrewSkudder: #ivenevervotedtory because I have never been that drunk on a Thursday

M_J_Murphy #ivenevervotedtory because I don't want 4 million people thrown on the tory scrapheap again

JasonCharlton #ivenevervotedtory because Im not a millionaire and never went to Eton - so they wont want me too anyway

M_J_Murphy #ivenevervotedtory and I never will. You can tell when they're lying because their lips are moving.

Redmanthinks RT @johnaziz: #IvenevervotedLabour and #ivenevervotedtory because i hate mainstream politics and think they're all owned by the same scumbag bankers.

jeffica #ivenevervotedtory 1. Thatcher 2. We're still paying for Thatcher. 3. My kids will still be paying for Thatcher. 4. They allowed Thatcher.

jennycarr1981 #i'venevervotedtory because I know that it is ridiculous to believe that 54% of girls from deprived areas are pregnant by 18.

thevinmeister #i'venevervotedtory and I never will purely because D. Cameron has one of those faces that you would not get bored of punching repeatedly...

Brucemoll indeed #i'venevervotedtory - and would rather poke a stick in my eye than do so

ThegoodBuck #I'venevervotedtory because I have a social conscience. Because I like having hospitals. Because fascism is so passe.




"I've never voted Tory before..."

What a day of fuck-ups, set-ups and miss placed decimal points. The Tory party seem to be messing about on purpose these days. 54% or 5.4%, who cares? It's only an important social policy announcement. How about the expensive advertising campaign paid for by the Ashcroft millions? Oh that seems to be going according to plan, does it not? You sure? I keep seeing them all over the place so they must be popular? Shit. I just read one. Sack the PR company.


The reaction on Twitter has been equally hilarious. Many hundreds of thousands of brilliantly funny and witty responses to the question - I've never voted Tory because... (a self-created fuck-up from Tory HQ)


Absolutely brilliant spoofs on this site. The first one with George Osborne, and his idiots guide to economics, takes some beating for the award of - 'It's funny because it's true'.

14 February 2010

BNP votes to ditch whites...


The British National Party has voted to scrap its whites-only membership rules after an extraordinary general meeting.

Members who had gathered in Essex voted to amend the party's constitution to let black and Asian people join.

The BNP had been threatened with a possible court injunction over its whites-only membership policy by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The party must now go back to court in March when a judge will decide if the new rules meet race relation laws.

It is thought the BNP has removed references to "indigenous British" people, paving the way for black and Asian people to be admitted to the party for the first time.

Obvious headlines - The Podcast Four

Private Eye - Number crunching

4000 - New crimes created by legislation introduced by "new" Labour

4 - Months it took Lord Goldsmith to decide that going to war with Iraq wasn't one of them.


The Podcast Four - Religion-ed Out!


This week the discussion basis was, “Religion.” Benni Blanco’s has some strong opinions on why Burkas are not as cool as Ninja attire.

Topics discussed;

Religion, studio description, Shipman repeals, Noah’s Lark, Pete whoring Jones, worst jobs? Dog biscuit packing, old men binge drinking, serious for a bit, alcoholism, Oliver Reeds wine, a chick high priest, I’m a Celebrity C-list C-word, reality TV over, Nadia’s record deal, clever gay people, chavs kissing chavs, wolf whistles working in Wrexham, Boy McRacers, local fighting back in the day, from the Bronx to Caernarfon, show kids HBO‘s “OZ,” three months dead, July 31st is a date, Wii abuse, it’s always the caretaker, or clown, or cleaner, the Box question re-appears, drawing on podcasts, Gone Baby Gone morals, stealing kids, serious for a bit, K-Fed better than Britney? Train stolen kids to be the new turtles, shitbag school, leaving parents for Morgan Freeman, stupid kids, end.

12 February 2010

11 February 2010

Robin Hood Tax


"Left" vs."Right" - The debate that confuses

Consider the most basic point: what is "left" and what is "right?" Dictionaries tend to only offer for definition, for instance, that leftism means the principles and views of the left whereas rightism means the principles and views of the right. They do not actually specify what those "principles and views" are, and for good reason. There are no 'principles and views' that are necessarily right but not left or viceversa. The terms are arbitrary. They can mean anything or nothing, and often do. What is "left" to you may be "right" to me, or to my grandpa, or to a person in another state or country or in a different language.

Article continues at above link...

Subliminal Mind Control, Brain Washing, Media & Psychology

Break away and reach out for other sources of information. Limit the amount of information you take in from the corporate channels of propaganda. Get good food and good nutrition for the mind.

"This guy is right about the news. The more you watch, the less you really know about current affairs."

How to brainwash a nation

"This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It's shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps.

Top ten things on Sarah Palin's Hand - From Liberal Values

With everyone talking about Sarah Palin’s crib notes on her hand, I would like to present The Top Ten Things Written on Sarah Palin’s Hand (after passing them through a spell checker). I know this is a lot of stuff to fit on a hand, but Palin has practice at this. After all, this is how she passed her tests in college.

10. Will cut taxes & reduce deficit at same time after elected

9. 12345 (My secret password for all internet sites)

8. Foreign Policy Experience–Can See Russia from Alaska

7. Obama is a Socialist (Note to self: look up what “socialist” means)

6. Uphold the Constitution (Note to self: must read the Constitution some day)

5. Ask for divine intervention from God when have questions about what government should do

4. Stay away from explaining about dinosaurs and people–audience often laughs at me when I talk about this unless all Republicans

3. Explain how it is cold outside, proving global warming is a hoax

2. Make sure not to use any Purell on hand before speech

1. If not listed here, just say whatever a Maverick would say


But the funniest comment by far is made by someone below the post itself - and made me nearly die with laughter. I had to go to the hospital to recover from the near-death experience caused by the laughter generated by this comment.

"WHO CROSSES OUT STUFF ON THEIR HAND????" - Palin is dumb as a brick.

Stan-hope of the day 2 (bonus edition) - Freedom, the pledge of allegiance and liberty

Stan-hope of the day... All drugs should be legal


The old guy who "doesn't do drugs" at the end of his story probably had a med list a mile long. The reason he's old in the first place is because chemicals are keeping his arteries from clogging or correcting some other imbalance. And EVERY drug has side effects. Tylenol is a deadly liver poison. It's all about dosing. And personal sovereignty (which is ignored by our rulers).

Philip Pullman

Should drugs be legalised? Of course, and as soon as possible. Every human society we know about has used drugs to dull pain, to bring about sleep, to prolong wakefulness, to increase physical endurance, to induce hallucinations, or just to feel better and promote good fellowship. The war on drugs, so-called, is a policy of utter and unforgivable folly; you might as well make war on human nature.

Legalising drugs would have three huge and immediate benefits: it would cut the link between drugs and crime, and empty the prisons; it would ensure that supplies were pure and reliable and not cut with chalk or worse; and it would provide a vast new source of tax for the Treasury. No one was a bigger fan of Prohibition than Al Capone.


Brooker - Newswipe - Series 2 - Episode 4


A caustic mix of gags and finger-pointing as Charlie Brooker finds fun and fault with the news. They say politics is an instant turn off, so it's a good job this episode doesn't focus on that. No it doesn't. Not at all.

Blair, Bush and Campbell; Lie.

The scene is set, the war is on. Saddam is gone, Aye-raq-is-free. Does it matter whether the war was legal or not? That would be silly. War = legal. Why go into such detail? Surely regime change is the key point in this political debate of long-lasting, de-motivating, "hey, no-one gives a fuck", war-crime? Inquiry after inquiry, millions more spent, to just find out, in the end, it was slightly legal, its all about interpretation you see...

Soldier's die; Alastair Campbell gets emotional, Tony Blair really 'believed' in what he was doing, nearly 250,000 innocent Iraqi citizens die because of the 'free' armies we deploy.

Oh, what a wonderful life. People die, people get angry, people don't understand, people 'go-along' with it. People, oh, those people - never talk about it - perfect.

Iraq, the subject the British people are bored of, the war, oh, I forgot, that war, no-one cares. We still have 'help for heroes'. That's all that matters.

09 February 2010

Stateless Law?

Taken from above site...

This video by Ryan Faulk is an excellent introduction to how law might work in an anarcho-capitalist society and why the situation we have now (state monopoly of law and courts) is extremely bad.

On a side note, of all the people who post thoughtful YouTube videos on this topic, but that most people have never heard of, I think Ryan is my favourite. He used to post videos under the name “Confederal Socialist” (I believe he actually was originally a socialist when he created the account and gradually moved towards liberty) quite prolifically and his work was always thought provoking. One day YouTube banned him for some stupid infraction and removed all his videos, which was a huge shame. Thankfully somebody has re-uploaded most of his best work under the username CSMirror, and he now posts new videos at his site Fringe Elements. I strongly suggest taking a look over his work if you’re even remotely interested in these ideas.

08 February 2010

Tower Block of Commons - Series 1 Episode 2 - Comment


(Watch this is you already haven't.)

Last week George wrote a small article on the first episode, made into the largest article in the history of Watching With George by other comments taken from the channel four website.

Shocked, ashamed, reflective, sometimes individually, sometimes all at the same time, readers (if I have any), these are a brief snippet of emotions you will feel if you have watched this series so far. At first, with my anti-Tory, anti-establishment, anti-politicians-if-I'm-honest, attitude; I expected to be laughing with anger at the Tories, who would obviously fail to empathise with any of the commoners, introducing to the watching audience their bigoted perceptions, free market economic ideas about how to solve the 'council estate problems', and undoubtedly look down upon the 'scratter's and chav's' with disdain. How I was wrong. How my judgement and own bigoted views were highlighted.

The Tory, Tim Loughton, was astounding. Honestly; was so impressed by his attitude, his level of understanding, his empathy. Not that Tory-ism is the answer, but if this guy was prime minister, it wouldn't be all bad.

The Labour MP, on the other hand, was a wanker (my own bigoted views re-surfacing). He has no clue about his own real-life, it seems, never mind anyone else's. He takes his own wife for granted, he thinks the 'women's' place is in the home, he assumes that being a mum is an easy job and refuses to take any real part in the idea behind the show. Keeping his little affluent perk's, refusing to take part in the show in the first place without being allowed to bring along his wife, and then (some would say to his credit*) paying for a meal for his 'guests' to discuss politics.

Mark Oaten was somewhat accosted by the women he was staying with for suggesting she was wrong to spend £42 on cigarettes, when she later found out he had (aside from the money for interest re-payments) spent £110 on three irons on his expenses forms. He then claimed that the situation was 'awkward' when asked about his own affluent lifestyle, belongings, property and earnings. Really? That must be really hard, that feeling 'awkward' thingy.

I am going to save the other MP involved, Nadine Dorries, till the next episode, in the interest of fair and balanced bullshit. Although check this out, because I cannot write a political article without criticising the Tories in some way, it goes against my religion.

*This would have had far more effect if he had managed to do this on a budget, without the ongoing help of his wife.

**Will hopefully add some comments from the channel four website tomorrow, they do not appear to be allowing any at the time of writing. You have to love the freedom of spontaneous speech and vented, raging anger, that I am sure some would have felt after watching it.

***In the spirit of 'good' Tories - Here is what appears to be the other one.

SPANISH RESIDENT on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 12:05
I thoroughly enjoyed the Tower Block of Commons last night- a very well balanced documentary, I thought. I watched in awe as the residents whined about how little money thet had to live on despite the fact they bought cigarettes and marijuana, kept pets and had their nails done!! I live in a tiny traditional Catalan village and have done so for ten years now. Here there is no benefit system- if you hit hard times you can take out what you put in. If you dont work, you dont eat- it really is that simple.The expectation is for families to help through troubled times- if they cannot the governemt has various schemes to help. My friend is a single mother who has joined the army where she is given free accommodation and child care and has a sense of pride and hope as well as studying and training for her future. We are facing a crisis here in Spain as unemployment levels rise-our tiny village creates posts for people suffering hardship- they are given a broom and sweep the streets for their pay and they do so with pride. I am appalled at the decline in values and standards in UK now and could not or would not return to live in Britain. When will the benefit system be addressed? I hope the MPs who endured the hardships of living as these people do as well as having to be criticised for actually working, are allowed to give the viewers an open and honest evaluation of what they relly feel- this could be a very interesting ptrogramme. Come on Britain, find your spirit again. Create job opportunities for everyone on benefits- community work would be a start- the welfare system was created to offer a helping hand and should not be a way of life-and in my opinion benefits should not be paid to feed pets and buy cigarettes. I grew up in a council estate as did many of my friends- our parents worked and did whatever was needed to provide for us. We had very little in terms of posessions though I did notice most of the homes on the programme had flat screen televisions. I pray some MP finds the strength to address this abuse and get Britain back to being GREAT again. Until then, I am staying here, thank you.
JENNA MAC on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 13:46
Havn't the two ladies who Nadine Dorries stayed with heard of contraception? Why bring more children into poverty (they had eight between them). These people can afford fags, dogs and gameboys but don't have beds. The Jeremy Kyle generation are alive and well.
PENNY on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 00:27
Plse dont vote tory just coz new labour are bad, tories will be worse than maggie thatcher if they get in. that means things will only get worse. benefits are too low to live on. it should be a basic human right to be able to feed yourself and keep warm without having to choose between the two. even working people cant afford to live on minimum slave wages. no one should be paid less than £15 per hour. greedy bankers get bailed out, MP's fiddle their expenses. this system sucks. people should start rebelling more. we want a true democracy ie of by and for the people. not for corporations banks and m.p's. wish i had the money to go live in an eco village and be self sufficient. its the only way i can see that you can get freedom in this police state poverty ridden britain. politicians have sold us down the river. the rih get richer and the poor get poorer. they want us all to die off. to die a slow death of malnutrition and hypothermia coz we cant afford a decent meal or to heat our homes. dorry but i think its going to get worse not better. modern life is crap unless youre well off. WHERES THE HELP FOR US POOR IN BRITAIN? WHY CANT WE GET FOOD AID?
ROBYN MCKENZIE on Tuesday, February 09, 2010 at 00:07
MPs you should try living on benefits for at least 6months. Some of us are too sick to work. key or card meters for electricity and gas. sit in a cold unheated flat unable to feel well coz youre cold and hungry coz you cant afford the bills. Try walking up the stairs whilst junkies are shooting up leaving their human waste, blood urine faeces, remnants of junk food and bear cans that you have to step over to get to your door. you MPs make me sick. you do nothing to help us you just tell us we're scroungers when you put your hand in the coffers and get away with it. Forcing us to live in poverty is a crime against our human rights. no one should have to live on less than £130 per week. benfits are too low. its a pittance. i wish the british public would rebel like the french. no one should go hungry in britain we're supposed to be a rich country, but therse people who miss meals every day coz they cant afford it. We need more progs like this. EXPOSE THE POVERTY IN BRITAIN - when is oxfam going to give us food parcels?
JOANNIE on Monday, February 08, 2010 at 23:29
As a (54 year young)life-long resident of Newham, I find this series very watchable. Bad housing, indifferent councils and out-of-touch MP's have always been with us (check the records Channel4!). The scary fact is that in East London, much of the pre-war slums were destroyed not by Government initiatives, but by WAR!! Better housing conditions and greater social awareness came about, again as the result of, you've guessed it, WAR! In short, politicians of all parties were faced with a choice - social upheaval or social anarchy. Homeless people were initially housed in prefabs, some of which still exist today until better housing was built. It is a sad, sad day for the UK when our Right Honourable members are unable to learn from recent history. Even more important, the Ronan Point disaster in Canning Town (May 1968) should have sent out a stark message that Tower Blocks were not the answer for social housing, any more than the old tenements they replaced, yet still they build them. Greater onus should be placed on councils to maintain their housing stock, and stricter tenancy agreements would strike the balance between tenant and council rights & responsibilities. Councils need to have the machinery in place for tenants who are suddenly affected by financial hardship, without making them jump through impossible hoops. Equally, tenants must agree to keep their properties clean, tidy and not sub-let them out. These 4 MP's are to be applauded because to a greater or lesser extent, they have become involved. They are doing something every MP, every councillor, and social worker should do - go and live at the sharp end of the societies they work among and represent for at least a month. Make them survive on the benefits, make them jump through the hoops, make them queue up at council offices and jobcentres. Whilst I am not holding my breath as to the extent this series will change lives on these estates, it might just make the 3 major parties rething their coming manifestos

The best comment, in the humble opinion of George, is the one directly above. Please read it. MPs and Council estate tenants alike.