28 February 2010

The Podcast Four (14) - A right-lefty podcast

This week the discussion basis was, “A Right Lefty Podcast.” George was doing some political stuff, Dom was angry, together, there was left issues and Georges inherent racism.

Topics discussed;

George‘s racist opening, stupid gay questions, live soap, studio Hitler, Run Down(ie), micro-fume, logistical shit, no gays in Texas, lefty blog, Maddie, white women, love Government lies, who da fools? Murdoch stole cricket, Carlito‘s Fifa, custard, brother Farelli, Pensylvannia peado-cam, wank-ring, Apple Wack, multi-ethnic-nationalist, twitter fan, Cross Keys again, how pub promotion works, punkers, friendly stalking, Dom‘s a spaz child, HMV interview, Dom’s threat, Smith Voucher punch, pre-emptive no coffee, Bronx squash, kids don’t count on counting, insect fuck up, censoring at 12, phone check, fit teachers, Danny Dyer bit, Ray WinstonE, Katona, character flaw rehab, fancy vs. fit, math fails, just end it, 99 no, 1 yes, call back, table turning on Dom, 150 mile injunction, end.

Cheers Domino.

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