17 February 2010

Fined for dropping a banana skin - don't slip-up with Big Brother Watch

This may sound like it came signed, sealed and delivered from the Daily Mail - but alas this is a stupidly true account of someone being fined £50 for her child dropping a banana skin. The explanations and details of this case are outlined by this Big Brother Watch article - a real bastion of independent analysis and coverage (not a Tory 'think-tank' at all).

Now not taking responsibility for toddlers who cause havoc in the public arena has long since been a huge concern for alarmed residents of the area. And this could go two ways - the serious element - an over-arching, totalitarian nightmare of government interference in every element of our lives. A fucking nightmare. The swear word here is an essential and sometimes forgotten part of modern written newspaper coverage. Coupled with the obvious linkage I have with the Big Brother, the good one, concerns have to be raised.

Seriously though, in a sarcastic way, surely this is just a nimby-fied, power-mad, complaint-driven - individual - the kind I would rather avoid in every aspect of my life. The rule itself is fine. The application, like so many, is down to the individual; something the blog post explains very well. Plenty of other articles also highlight this theme - sticklers. Does anyone like sticklers? But if we don't laugh, we have to cry; so I say we should keep a watch over crazy-eyed toddler's who throw polluting litter and syringes overboard into the vicinity of the fair and proper British folks.

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