16 February 2010

What's happening to TV news?

Segment from Charlie Brooker (Screenwipe and Newswipe), including the brilliant Adam Curtis.

Included because of the quality of news today in the modern, post-digital world. In a word. Shit. Or two words. Fucking Shit.

As for the news that Newswipe has been censored for two episodes running, it is becoming clear that the news-makers, be it print or TV, are shitting bricks when it comes to the public beginning to understand the techniques involved, and truth behind the majority of coverage.

Watch the film Starsuckers if you get chance. Check out this link to the blog and the issues surrounding censorship and the News of the Shite.


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  1. This blog tired to revel the secret behind the news making. Good effort. I have many news channel in my Satellite TV . but i never think what is behind the scene.