18 February 2010

Sir Nicholas Winterton - Tory MP - "The public are wrong"

Sir Nicholas Winterton, Conservative MP for Macclesfield, claims "the public are wrong" to believe that MPs should travel 'standard' class.

The expenses fiasco has been 'misrepresented' by the media.

A 'different' type of people travel 'standard' class, preventing him from doing any work.

The expenses scandal, surrounding Sir Nicholas, has been outlined here (and some information about the MP himself, and here at the Macclesfield Express

Check out the audio on Radio Five Live, it was the Stephan Nolan show between 10am and midday.

His utter contempt for the public was astounding, and I wonder if David Cameron, the bastion of cleaning up the expenses system - the moral headlight on how to deal with the expenses fiasco - who himself claimed for mortgage interest and oil for his gas lamp, would agree with Sir Nicholas' belief 'that the public are wrong'. That when the public want something - sometimes they should bow down to the better judgement of the first class individuals who represent them.

You can also listen to the audio here at Guido Fawkes.*

Not only can you listen to the audio clip, but if you check out the comments section you can read the Tory reaction to the comments, and the denials and true feelings that come over constantly. Finally check out the time on the post by Guido - 12:41pm. Check out the time this article was posted - 10:19am. George brings you this unbiased political/media coverage first (wink,wink).


  1. Second class with all those chickens and pigs you must be joking, working class scum i say.
    Hurrah pass the champers

  2. Glad your brave enough to give a name.

    Back those principles up with anonymity.

    Oh the freedom of no name.