15 February 2010

"I've never voted Tory before..." Tweets galore -

jeffica #ivenevervotedtory because I'm not selfish & believe it's better to help the majority in most need than the few [rich/middle class].

Im_Clarificus #IvenevervotedTory because they're the scummy bastards who introduced section 28, allowing years of bullying and abuse to be ignored.

TanktheTories RT @AndrewSkudder: #ivenevervotedtory because I have never been that drunk on a Thursday

M_J_Murphy #ivenevervotedtory because I don't want 4 million people thrown on the tory scrapheap again

JasonCharlton #ivenevervotedtory because Im not a millionaire and never went to Eton - so they wont want me too anyway

M_J_Murphy #ivenevervotedtory and I never will. You can tell when they're lying because their lips are moving.

Redmanthinks RT @johnaziz: #IvenevervotedLabour and #ivenevervotedtory because i hate mainstream politics and think they're all owned by the same scumbag bankers.

jeffica #ivenevervotedtory 1. Thatcher 2. We're still paying for Thatcher. 3. My kids will still be paying for Thatcher. 4. They allowed Thatcher.

jennycarr1981 #i'venevervotedtory because I know that it is ridiculous to believe that 54% of girls from deprived areas are pregnant by 18.

thevinmeister #i'venevervotedtory and I never will purely because D. Cameron has one of those faces that you would not get bored of punching repeatedly...

Brucemoll indeed #i'venevervotedtory - and would rather poke a stick in my eye than do so

ThegoodBuck #I'venevervotedtory because I have a social conscience. Because I like having hospitals. Because fascism is so passe.




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