18 February 2010

Luciana Berger - Labour candidate in Liverpool

Political scandal in Liverpool is brewing up with the naming of a candidate who doesn't even know the name and history of Bill Shankly. Does she know who The Beatles are I hear you cry? What about the River Mersey? Or even the crossing ferry?

Well, in true Liverpudlian style, Ricky Tomlinson has offered his services to the Socialist Labour Party to stand as a potential candidate. If you were wondering what all the fuss is about, read some of the comments in this article, or even the criticism from various political blogs, regional newspapers and, of course, other local candidates.

It certainly makes for an interesting debate about selecting candidates - a problem all parties seem to have. It is incredibly difficult to select individuals who have no affiliation to the area, and sounds like a centralised selection policy. Well, if Tomlinson does indeed stand, it should make for a popular campaign. The central-order-of-folks who made this decision will maybe think twice next time? Or buy them a book of local history and culture, with the instructions, 'read this from front to back -twice'.

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