18 February 2010

A Tale of Two Tories

One day. Two Tory MPs. Two opposite ends of the media spectrum. Left-wing BBC morning radio show, and right-wing online churnalism. Two opposite ends of the political spectrum. The same political party. The Conservative Party. Who's tale is the truth?

Sir Nicholas Winterton and his ranting rage against the British public, a public who dare question why the tax-payer should fund his first-class rail travel. He claims that it would not be possible for the poor soul to get on with his important work while mixing with the masses in standard class. Oh no, not at all, we just pay the £300 difference. How could he possibly afford it on his measly MPs salary.

Darty David Cameron is next - did you know he was a huge fan of slobbing out with a Guinness and watching the darts on TV. A 'man of the people ya know'. A right royal John Smith. A Jonesey. Every-man's man. Or that is what he would have us believe. Or worse than that - this image is what his paid advisers have advised him to want to have us believe. Keeping up? No, nor me.

Anyway the crucial point is which version of Tory principle and character is the true one*? Well even the Daily Mail bunch on the bottom of the online article have ganged up on Darty David. They don't believe a word he says.

The reaction to Sir Nicholas' anger is wholly different. We know he is speaking his mind. That's the point. He is leaving parliament at the next election, so can say whatever he likes, like when you tell colleagues the truth you have been thinking all along the day you leave a job. No comeback. Not for him. But will this have a negative impact on the general election - it might stick in the mind of a few voters who refuse to accept the Tory "we are your friends, we can be who you want us to be" approach.

As long as the Tories don't forget 'the standard class' if they are elected.

*This article written on Tank the Tories highlights brilliantly the 'true face of David Cameron'

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