15 February 2010

"I've never voted Tory before..."

What a day of fuck-ups, set-ups and miss placed decimal points. The Tory party seem to be messing about on purpose these days. 54% or 5.4%, who cares? It's only an important social policy announcement. How about the expensive advertising campaign paid for by the Ashcroft millions? Oh that seems to be going according to plan, does it not? You sure? I keep seeing them all over the place so they must be popular? Shit. I just read one. Sack the PR company.


The reaction on Twitter has been equally hilarious. Many hundreds of thousands of brilliantly funny and witty responses to the question - I've never voted Tory because... (a self-created fuck-up from Tory HQ)


Absolutely brilliant spoofs on this site. The first one with George Osborne, and his idiots guide to economics, takes some beating for the award of - 'It's funny because it's true'.

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