03 February 2010

Tories 'hung-up' over the possibility of a hanging parliament


The BBC leads the non-blog media pack in bigging up the Hung Parliament meme because it makes a good story. There really isn't anything else they can say, other than the routine attacks on analysis of every Conservative policy announcement. Not that it matters what the band plays as the ship goes down.

And Cameron? He has forbidden all talk of complacency. The Hung Parliament narrative is good for the Tories, because it boosts the constituencies' GOTV effort and impels wavering voters to vote Tory to be sure that the despised Brown and the hated Labour Party are thrown out decisively.

I have said it before. Tory landslide.

George says:

"I am a Conservative because I am a realist who believes in freedom, tradition and patriotism." (by Prodicus)

You are a Conservative who believes in freedom (to do what you want - but not freedom for others to do what they want), tradition (hanging, flat earth, smoking is good for you) and patriotism (Nationalism, fascism or a good old British empire).

Add to that a trickle of election panic, coupled with the bravado of this post, and you can continue to live the delusion you currently swear by.


Hung parliament - without doubt.

Then we will start to have cooperation, agreement and decency in government.

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