06 February 2010

Republicans vote against socialism, then take credit for it.

Economic stimulus, government investment and Barack Obama's recovery programme. The cornerstone of criticism coming from the Republicans. Communist, Stalinist (in the words of Bill O'Reilly) and even sometimes Nazi (utter disregard for historical fact or political ideology). Less government, less tax is the answer. Unless, of course, your name is Republican senator Geoff Davies, and your constituency has just received a $1 million grant for a local school system.

"Rep. Geoff Davis voted against the stimulus . . . but then boasted about a $1 million grant it provided for a local school system."

Obama mentioned this during his question and answer session with Republicans, and in true partisan style, they dismissed a policy based on who passed it, only to agree with the detail when the policy was broken down.

"There was an interesting headline in CNN today: 'Americans disapprove of stimulus, but like every policy in it.' And there was a poll that showed that if you broke it down into its component parts, 80 percent approved of the tax cuts, 80 percent approved of the infrastructure, 80 percent approved of the assistance to the unemployed. Well, that's what the Recovery Act was..."

A true indication of how media coverage can muddy the waters of people's perceptions. A policy is broken down into segments, and questions asked without any party affiliation, as in the CNN poll, a whole new perspective can emerge. Hurray for fair and balanced media.

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