14 February 2010

The Podcast Four - Religion-ed Out!


This week the discussion basis was, “Religion.” Benni Blanco’s has some strong opinions on why Burkas are not as cool as Ninja attire.

Topics discussed;

Religion, studio description, Shipman repeals, Noah’s Lark, Pete whoring Jones, worst jobs? Dog biscuit packing, old men binge drinking, serious for a bit, alcoholism, Oliver Reeds wine, a chick high priest, I’m a Celebrity C-list C-word, reality TV over, Nadia’s record deal, clever gay people, chavs kissing chavs, wolf whistles working in Wrexham, Boy McRacers, local fighting back in the day, from the Bronx to Caernarfon, show kids HBO‘s “OZ,” three months dead, July 31st is a date, Wii abuse, it’s always the caretaker, or clown, or cleaner, the Box question re-appears, drawing on podcasts, Gone Baby Gone morals, stealing kids, serious for a bit, K-Fed better than Britney? Train stolen kids to be the new turtles, shitbag school, leaving parents for Morgan Freeman, stupid kids, end.

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