19 February 2010

White terrorism just doesn't fit the narrative - Joseph Stack

So a white man, with views similar to that of the Tea Party movement in the USA, flies a plane into a government building. Aiming, as his suicide letter claims, to kill 'hundreds of people', because he does not like big government. His name is Joseph Stack - and his actions caused people to jump out of tower block windows, similar to another event you might have caught on the news in 2001.

Read this Fox News report, can you find the word terrorist? Can you find the pulling apart of his principles? Can you find the fear we should have of those angry, white, tea party people with fake passports and pilot training course applications. No. This is not terrorism - this does not fit the narrative - this is not a national security issue. Remember the case on Christmas Day? The guy who blew up his balls in an attempt to blow up a plane? That was 24 hour coverage. Wall to wall, non-stop scaremongering. This has passed the people of the UK by without hardly a mention. Would the coverage have been different had he been called Mohammed bin-al-Joseph Stackoumoun? You bet it would. Had his suicide note been filled with comments about Allah, the axis of evil and US imperialism. It reeks. It is plain and simple double standards.

Oh, and if your anti-EU, you might just claim he was speaking sense. Got to love the intelligent terrorists eh? Unbelievable.

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