11 February 2010

Blair, Bush and Campbell; Lie.

The scene is set, the war is on. Saddam is gone, Aye-raq-is-free. Does it matter whether the war was legal or not? That would be silly. War = legal. Why go into such detail? Surely regime change is the key point in this political debate of long-lasting, de-motivating, "hey, no-one gives a fuck", war-crime? Inquiry after inquiry, millions more spent, to just find out, in the end, it was slightly legal, its all about interpretation you see...

Soldier's die; Alastair Campbell gets emotional, Tony Blair really 'believed' in what he was doing, nearly 250,000 innocent Iraqi citizens die because of the 'free' armies we deploy.

Oh, what a wonderful life. People die, people get angry, people don't understand, people 'go-along' with it. People, oh, those people - never talk about it - perfect.

Iraq, the subject the British people are bored of, the war, oh, I forgot, that war, no-one cares. We still have 'help for heroes'. That's all that matters.

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