02 February 2010

Tories in muddle over the word 'advise'


We noted on LC this morning that Lord Stern, who is a strong critic of climate change deniers, was to be named as George Osborne today as an advisor.

Lord Stern has said this in the past:

Those who say that climate change doesn’t exist are being understood as the flat-earthers that they are, as the people who deny the link between smoking and cancer, as the people who denied the link between HIV and AIDS.

Nevertheless, in order to shore up their green credentials, George Osborne announced that Lord Stern would help the Tories develop ideas for a new Green Investment bank.

But Sky News is now reporting:

Nicholas Stern, a highly influential crossbench peer who has played a key part in creating the Government’s global warming policy, says he will be working not just with the Tories, but also with Labour and anyone else who is interested. “I should stress that I am not, and have no plans to be, an adviser to any political party,” Lord Stern said in a statement.

“I would be willing to speak to the Conservatives’ advisory group about their ideas for a Green Investment Bank, just as I am continuing to contribute to discussions with the Labour Government about policies on climate change.”

While not ruling out working with the Tories, the suggestion earlier that Tories had ‘poached him’ now look decidedly premature.

Is Lord Stern backing from the Tories after discovering the extent of their climate change denialism?


George Says:

Political satire – outstanding.

In tomorrows news, Cameron will be announcing his new advisor for the upcoming department of families, morals and scientific progress, ladies and gentleman, I give you – The Pope.

(later statement from AP) –


The Pope seeks to distance himself from The Tory Party, claiming to never support the ideals of a man with a history of side-stepping questions about cocaine use and cannabis smoking, ladies and gentleman, I’m talking about, Family Dave)

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