09 February 2010

Stateless Law?

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This video by Ryan Faulk is an excellent introduction to how law might work in an anarcho-capitalist society and why the situation we have now (state monopoly of law and courts) is extremely bad.

On a side note, of all the people who post thoughtful YouTube videos on this topic, but that most people have never heard of, I think Ryan is my favourite. He used to post videos under the name “Confederal Socialist” (I believe he actually was originally a socialist when he created the account and gradually moved towards liberty) quite prolifically and his work was always thought provoking. One day YouTube banned him for some stupid infraction and removed all his videos, which was a huge shame. Thankfully somebody has re-uploaded most of his best work under the username CSMirror, and he now posts new videos at his site Fringe Elements. I strongly suggest taking a look over his work if you’re even remotely interested in these ideas.

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