17 February 2010

Private Eye - No.1256 - Round-up

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John Terry on the front page of the Sun, and why this is full of double-standards with the full-on stench of set-up, 'my-family-is-happy-now' syndrome*.

*Especially when you consider that Terry is a columnist in the above tabloid pile of shite. This should have been the real John Terry front page though.


Lord Hanningfield, former Tory leader of Essex county council, stepped down on 5th February after being charged under the theft act - robbing bastard. There are also other concerns about the deal he signed in Dec. 2009 with computer firm IBM. This came after previous outsourcing private communication deals failed, and cost the taxpayer millions.


Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair both used the child deaths in Iraq as a reason to justify the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq. George has previously commented on these two 'pre-emptive war criminals'. This time they mess about with the figures about child deaths before the invasion, and claim to have saved the lives of 50,000 Iraqi children since. Google the numbers for yourself - there is plenty of evidence to the contrary, here is one article I found myself.

**Remember to buy issue 1256 to get a full run down on many other stories of interest.

Barclays Bank leader John Varley
Sir Kevin Tebbit with hidden agendas
Nationwide building society refusing to pay tax in the UK (£15million)
The Guardian/Observer somewhat negative attitude to each other

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