07 February 2010

The Podcast Four - Episode 11 - Teaching. Tea? Ching!


This week the discussion basis was, “Teaching and lecturing.” We had some facts that we wanted to give out, thereby teaching our international audience.

Topics discussed;

Touch wood(E), heartbreaking story, Alvin review, George confirmed not peado, UK jocks and football fucks, chess? Hockey ideas, fatties getting fatter, Katona again, George’s plea, 2 email test, The Fuse is mentioned, ramble, fails, serial killers, how to spot said killers, dot com for hack film, losing faith in the Office US, DVD question, impression time, back to killers, birthday - I can forgive but not forget - or forgive, would you go back? Random boners, gambling wages, bragging 3 cards, respect, top 3 British National Pricks, replacing DNA, JapRapeWormRapeGarden, ramble, Fox fucking News, UK vs. USA in terrorness - UK wins, 7 hours asking, “are you a terrorist?” And finally….nothing, some exam answers, speaking can be hard, quiz show contest finally exposed- you’re welcome, Who Wants to be Noel Edmonds, 1 million fails, end.

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