18 February 2010

Newswipegate - An update - Clifford Speaks!

Max Clifford spoke today about the case involving Starsuckers and the News of the World. Clifford claimed he has never asked for an injunction. The Starsuckers blog outlines the case in greater detail.

Their letter to us of the 23rd October by Partner Magnus Boyd states:

“The purpose of this letter is to invite your written confirmation by no later than 11am on 23 October that Mr Cowell’s name and the sums he has paid to Mr Clifford will be beeped in such a way as to ensure that your viewers cannot deduce this information from the film…. Please may we hear from you by 11am confirmation sought failing which we shall advise our client to apply to the court for relief including but not limited to an injunction.”

Well - and call me stupid if you must - but that sounds pretty much like a threat of an injunction. Albeit in jumped-up legal language, 'confirmation sought failing' is a top quality piece of garbage expertly termed the words of justice. I beg to differ if I call it the language of oppression, freedom killing, Big Brother (the bad one) style behaviour.

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