18 February 2010

David Cameron - Are you having a laugh?

This article on The Daily Mail website highlights exactly what is wrong with politics today, he is trying to claim he is a 'man of the people' when everyone can see he is clearly not. Look at the comments on the bottom of the Mail article and even the right-wing 'mailers' can see right through it.

Does it not make you laugh? What a fool.

"The Tory leader has given an interview in which he talks about his love of darts, canned Guinness and 'gritty' shows on the telly."
He is trying to be the 'new' Tony Blair, and he thinks this is what the British people want, if so, then his advisers should be sacked immediately. Just be yourself David, and let the public decide if they like you. Don't treat us like fools. Please.

The real David Cameron?
Or maybe we will find out when he does this?
The Daily Mash take an alternative version. Cameron partial to a spot of light porn.

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