23 January 2010

Cameron and Osborne - A scandalous history?


Bullingdon Club:

It was revealed in The Daily Mail on 7 April 2007 that whilst at Oxford, George Osborne had been a member of the Bullingdon Club, a notorious Oxford University dining club. This had become a significant political issue after it was revealed that David Cameron had been a member of the club and that it was 'infamous for "trashing" restaurants and other riotous behaviour' and 'is open only to sons of aristocratic families and the super-rich'.



Slightly biased version.

He could do no wrong even allegations of cocaine use and a lurid photo of him (aged 22) with a black dominatrix published in The Mirror did not seem to damage him.



Tony Blair like, top-down instructions, barking orders presidential-ism, Cameron-style.

"We all know that the expenses crisis is a massive problem, but it has brought out clear evidence of what all of us had sensed and feared, namely that the party in parliament has ceased to be a team effort and is now just run and dictated to for the personal advantage of David Cameron and George Osborne. We are concerned that the parliamentary party is just being used and abused by the leader and his inner circle. They are treating the party as if it is their private property. Action is being taken to respond to the expenses scandal but its main purpose actually seems to be to build up a position for themselves of permanent power. Colleagues are threatened with expulsion, older members are being forced out, untested candidates are being invited to apply from nowhere, and all of it is designed to assert a Stalinist hold over the party. The importance of parliament is being sacrificed to help them."


"George Osborne, the Conservative MP for Tatton who is currently caught up in a row resulting from his claim that the Government refused him permission to see information related to spending, is facing an inquiry into irregularities amongst his expenses submissions. Previous accusations made by the Daily Telegraph, which claimed that Mr. Osborne had deliberately avoided paying Capital Gains Tax, will not be investigated."


Cameron vote-whoring? Do not let the Daily Mail get a hold of this hot potato, Cameron supporting homosexuality, in schools! Dacre would ring his neck.


I have heard the future Prime Minister say the word 'twat', wow, never thought that would happen, ever in the history of all prime ministers, ever, especially from one who goes on to spout the shit he does in the latter 30 seconds of this clip.

"During the leadership election allegations were made that Cameron had used cannabis and cocaine recreationally before becoming an MP.[156] Pressed on this point during the BBC programme Question Time, Cameron expressed the view that everybody was allowed to "err and stray" in their past.[157] His refusal to deny consumption of either cannabis or cocaine prior to his parliamentary career has been interpreted as a tacit admission that he has in fact consumed both of these illegal drugs. During his 2005 Conservative leadership campaign he addressed the question of drug consumption by remarking that "I did lots of things before I came into politics which I shouldn't have done. We all did."[157]


This just makes me want to vote Tory even more, aarrgghh, get the thought out of your head, it is a mental thing to do. He did smoke the weed, and snort the lines, and say twat. Oh my god, I hope he grows some good plants in number ten!

Or does the posh bit just piss you off? Because David is about as posh as they come, full-on, near royalty posh, with his posh fingers in the posh media pies, he has now even got a grasp on the grubby Murdoch clan and the influence at the Sun and the Times.


"Old Etonians and No 10 do have a special relationship. The country's most prestigious public school - founded in 1440 - has produced no fewer than 18 of Britain's 52 prime ministers (all, needless to say, Tory), but if Cameron becomes the 19th, he will carry the school with him to No 10 like few of his predecessors.

Herein lies the great Cameron paradox. Since winning the Tory leadership 18 months ago, he has done some very un-Tory things - from urging us to hug hoodies to renouncing the "no-such-thing-as-society" mantra of the Thatcher years. With his open-neck shirts and relaxed manner, no Tory leader has ever been - or appeared to be - quite such a man of the people as Cameron. He rides his bike to work. He goes home to his family in north Kensington (not Notting Hill), he puts his children to bed. He's quite the regular guy.

And yet. And yet. So much of his outlook on life and his political thinking is informed by his privileged past, and so many of his closest friends and advisers, both inside and outside the shadow cabinet, are creatures of that same narrow world. It's not something Cameron likes to draw attention to - but then of course it wouldn't be.

Altogether, 14 of Cameron's front bench spokesmen are old Etonians. Another three work in his private office. Many of the 14 are from a previous generation. For example, Lords Glentoran, Cope of Berkeley, Bridgeman and Skelmersdale left the school fully 30 years before Cameron. But all provide reassuring political ballast to a leadership light on executive experience, as does old Etonian Oliver Letwin - a veteran of Mrs Thatcher's poll tax.

Of the others, there is Viscount Astor, who happens to be Cameron's stepfather-in-law, and Hugo Swire, who has been a holiday companion. Cameron did not know Boris Johnson well at school, being two years his junior, but they overlapped at Oxford, as members of the Bullingdon Club. Among Tory spokesmen, Bill Wiggin is an exact school contemporary and the Cameron and the Wiggin families have many associations. The pair themselves, though, are not close.

Among Cameron's friends outside politics, there is a striking number of Etonians. Pete Czernin, Simon Andreae, Tom Goff, James Learmond and "Toppo" Todhunter were all in the same house and maintain close contact with him to this day. Giles Andreae (brother of Simon), James Fergusson and Dominic Loehnis - all Etonians Cameron got to know well at Oxford or later and who are now in various branches of the media - also remain close." (taken from Independent article in 2007)

It bothers George.

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