04 January 2010

UK Health Spending Better than US

Does this provide a convincing argument for socialised healthcare? Or is it irrelevant the amount spent versus the amount wasted on pointless treatments and management structures?

The NHS is already part-privatised in the UK, and with the impending nightmare of a Tory government, this proportion can only increase.

The amount of public money we spend on healthcare should be the amount of money needed, not a predetermined amount imposing restrictions and hidden costs.

Yep, that’s right capitalism fans – the US free market system for healthcare provision is significantly less efficient than a “socialised” one.

This no doubt explains the Republican fear of universal US healthcare – if providing government healthcare funding for less than a third of the population costs $1.1 trillion, they no doubt imagine it would involve a bit more than a threefold increase in public healthcare spending to cover the entire population. (If they’re being really cynical, they’d no doubt point out that the US government’s $1.1 trillion healthcare spend divided by 83 million works out as a cost of $13,250 per person per annum – and therefore the annual cost to cover all Americans at that rate could be as high as $4 trillion a year.)


  1. " ... the US free market system for healthcare ..."

    When did we get a "free market system for healthcare"?

  2. Never been to the markets where the healthcare is free? The free and easy market is a particularly enjoyable place.