03 January 2010

The Podcast Four - Episode Six


This week the discussion basis was, “Mythbusting and Headlines” this was a look back at the last decade and debunking some myths. Basically the newspapers did the jobs for us and we slagged off Kerry Katona.

Topics discussed;

George’s racist intro, myth busting, brain matters, spiders don’t, insect assholes, Dom’s hilarious anecdote, OZ fact, sex lies, Dumb ass writer bitches, Shaving Vs Pregnancy, eating makes you fat at night, reading causes herpes, big feet - normal cock, jellypiss, more racism, fact - blowies cure most illnesses, blind wanking, Bottom violence, freedom of Screech, Richard Blackwood failed everything, Mark Lamaar was awesome, gay jew, Buzzcock in the mouth, Hitler II, Nick Griffin is a downy, interviewed y a Pokemon, Ross scared, we are the future of broadcasting, sporty shit, rugby gays, God’s wrath, Borris’s Johnson, Gareth flooding the gates of Jordan, Goody racist, serious moment on India, Slum sales millionaire, Katano slagging, openly black people, sports fixing, raping footballers, Hunting Huntley, John Leslie, Chris Langham - you see a pattern immerging? Gets a tad serious, MP fuckers, science of finger crossing, Queens tourism, another victim arrested, few serious minutes on the death penalty. End.

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