21 January 2010

The UK- Share (holded) -d between the rest


Ten of the most notable disappearing acts of this decade have been:

• British Energy sold majority stake to French power utility EDF in January for £12bn

• Scottish & Newcastle breweries sold to Carlsberg and Heineken in a joint bid worth nearly £8bn in 2008

• ICI sold to Dutch group Akzo Nobel for £8bn in 2008

• Scottish Power sold to Spain's Iberdrola for £11.6bn in 2007

• In 2006, airports operator BAA bought by Ferrovial, the Spanish construction conglomerate, for £10bn

• Thames Water sold to German utility RWE for £5bn in 2006

• Pilkington Glass sold to NSG of Japan for nearly £2bn in 2006

• P&O sold to Dubai Ports World for £3.3bn in 2005

• Abbey National bank bought by Spain's Santander in 2004 for £8.5bn


And yet the picture’s pretty clear. Like they point out at Unite, wherever it’s gone in the past 10 years, “Kraft has sacked 60,000 workers to pay for other companies it has eaten up”.

The sourest irony of all is that the £7bn Kraft raised to table the bid were financed by RBS which is 84 per cent owned by the British government.

And until any of the major political parties will say loud and clear that Britain can’t carry on turning into a country exclusively centred around City gambles with the rest working in call centres and mobile phone shops, we will witness similar devastation time and time again.

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