03 January 2010

Interesting Comment about Native Americans - True Though

Deano says: Tiger Woods isnt even a true American, because if a dog is born in a horse`s stable, it­ doesn`t make that dog a horse

...well sorry to disapoint you maboy! by your definition the only true horses born in the usa stable are native american indians. that makes you a dog as well and NO TRUE AMERICAN.

...case your ignorant, thoughtless head forgot, American is a nation of immigrants. Not just that a nation of forced, aggressive and violent immigration. Like a form of rape really.. Millions of­ rightful indigenous [native] Americans murdered in cold blood and hounded into barren reservations. Millions of blacks forcefully shipped over for the plantations and raped by horney irresponsible white boys like yourself.

Many have gotten or tried to get over this and tried to move on as a pluralistic America that­ embraces all as American. You, sir, are as unAmerican as it gets!

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