05 January 2010

BBC solves UK problems on Have Your Say

The BBC asks the question (What should parties focus on at the upcoming general election?), the British public have the answer. Well, 'Britain's Ruined' does.

421 recommend

No immigration. None. At all. So Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba should get there passports ready.

Cut the public sector, damn those social workers and bin men and if I ever hear of another doctor or nurse being employed Ill blow my brains out!

Law and order, we need more laws and more orders.

The EU, we should leave the continent of Europe and move our country to North America or the South Pole to prepare for global warming.

Human rights act, humans should have NO rights.

Police, get them on the street, every street at all times, because I have not seen a police man on the street for at least 18 years!

Reverse drink laws, binge drinking needs to be stopped. Only one drink, per person, per week.

Stop letting every Tom, Dick and Mohammed from using our NHS. For god's sake, at least 4 billion asylum seekers have been through accident and emergency in the past seven days.

Our troops only have bow and arrows so please, at least give them a boot and a bullet.

I can't argue with the line 'only help people who are prepared to help themselves' so here goes, I agree, I am going in right-click first, all the way, he gets "MY RECOMMEND" AND NUMBER 422!

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