05 January 2010

Panic, Panic, Panic! The Snow Finally Arrives at the Mail

Forget the Northerners, now the panic really arrives when it gets bad down south.

As we were told earlier in the Express, the gas is going to run out, and you will die.

Although the pinnacle of stupidity has to be the 'most recommended' comments at the bottom.

"Global warming RUBBISH"

"Global warming is causing this then..."

Both points seem to arrive at a pretty strange logical conclusion. The assumption that global warming causes the planet to heat up on an upwardly mobile path is a fascinating principle. So when Wimbledon comes round and the middle classes are enjoying the Pimms and strawberries at SW19, in the searing heat, they better treasure the episode, because this time next year (according to the Mail recommender's) the UK is going to be way beyond sub-Saharan Africa and approaching the standard of living experienced only on Mars.

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