17 January 2010

Old Holborn - UKIP- Rolling Back The Years


"The Libertarian Party is agin the EU because it is more big, costly, unrepresentative Government. AND the people of the UK have not assented to it. Therefore it is illegitimate.

I do not give a monkey's if people want to wear burqas,MCC ties or pink thongs in the street. As long as they are doing nothing harmful to others, who cares.

If UKIP and the BNP are appealing to the foul mouthed, drunk, white working classes who were thrown off the train, I was travelling on yesterday. I want the BNP and UKIP to 'ban' them as well. In fact lets ban everything we do not agree with personally."

We do, at least, agree on this subject.


  1. Thanks for your support over at Lib Con, really appreciate it.

  2. Glad they were deleted. It happened to me. Its sick. Good debate, otherwise, about comedy boundaries I thought.

  3. It is indeed sick and sad to see you are a fellow sufferer of such scum.