30 December 2009

TOP 100 Tweeting Bloggers - A Very Public Sociologist


Top 100 Tweeting Bloggers

Ever wondered who the top 100 political blogging tweeters are in these fair isles? Ponder no more:

Alastair Campbell (12,270 followers)
John Prescott (10,717 followers)
Iain Dale (6,993 followers)
Tom Watson MP (6,977 followers)
Guido Fawkes (6,300 followers)
The Wardman Wire (5,698 followers)
Kerry McCarthy (4,451 followers)
UK Progressive (4,399 followers)
James Cleverly (3,600 followers)
Enemies of Reason (3,412 followers)
Cllr Phil Briscoe (3,342 followers)
Green Girls Global (3,101 followers)
Labour List (2,991 followers)
Paul Waugh (2,972 followers)
Tim Montgomerie (2,968 followers)
Tom Harris MP (2,637 followers)
Stuart Bruce (2,628 followers)
Gideon Rachman (2,240 followers)
Obnoxio the Clown (2,147 followers)
Lynne Featherstone MP (2,058 followers)
A View From the Public Gallery (1,955 followers)
Tory Bear (1,884 followers)
The Stilettoed Socialist (1,810 followers)
Pickled Politics (1,795 followers)
Think Politics (1,758 followers)
Benedict Brogan (1,655 followers)
Jess McCabe (1,540 followers)
Cllr Tim Blog (1,497 followers)
Bloggerheads (1,478 followers)
Mark Pack (1,467 followers)
LibDem Voice (1,449 followers)
Jon Worth's Euroblog (1,429 followers)
Next Left (1,368 followers)
Nadine Dorries MP (1,354 followers)
Plenty to Say (1,321 followers)
Daniel Hannan MEP (1,319 followers)
Cllr Lisa Northover (1,265 followers)
Kirklees Unity (1,193 followers)
Andy Reed MP (1,183 followers)
Shane Greer (1,180 followers)
Adam Smith Institute Blog (1,173 followers)
Liberal Conspiracy (1,172 followers)
FT Westminster Blog (1,169 followers)
Ed Vaizy MP (1,164 followers)
House of Twits (1,162 followers)
Douglas Carswell MP (1,137 followers)
Greener Leith (1,111 followers)
Oberon Houston (1,100 followers)
Byrne Baby Byrne (1,092 followers)
The Baillieu Blog (1,081 followers)
Dizzy Thinks (1,078 followers)
The Tory Troll (1,067 followers)
No Geek Is An Island (1,054 followers)
Bray's Duckhouse (1,018 followers)
Politics Cymru (988 followers)
spEak You're bRanes (971 followers)
Andy Reeves' Running Blog (966 followers)
Political Scrapbook (957 followers)
Will Straw (947 followers)
A Very Public Sociologist (936 followers)
Boris Watch (936 followers)
Left Foot Forward (932 followers)
Labour Matters (927 followers)
Frank Field MP (909 followers)
James O'Malley (904 followers)
Mark Reckons (890 followers)
Dan Wilson (873 followers)
Philippa Latimer for St Ives (873 followers)
The Daily Quail (871 followers)
Grace Fletcher-Hackwood (867 followers)
Stephen Allison (863 followers)
Local Democracy Blog (861 followers)
Byrne Tofferings (837 followers)
Martin Tod (798 followers)
Labour of Love (788 followers)
Liberal Burblings (785 followers)
Bethan Jenkins AC/AM (770 followers)
Chicken Yoghurt (769 followers)
Rob Fenwick (764 followers)
Caron's Musings (761 followers)
Tory Teenager (744 followers)
Cardiff Blogger (740 followers)
Angry Mob (737 followers)
Penny Red (735 followers)
Quaequam Blog! (735 followers)
Nick Pickles (733 followers)
Mayor Watch (713 followers)
Charlotte Gore (696 followers)
Luke Bozier (689 followers)
David Ottewell (685 followers)
Devil's Kitchen (673 followers)
Boris Watchers (671 followers)
Shot Across the Bow (662 followers)
Cynical Dragon (641 followers)
Anthony Painter (633 followers)
Bridget's Blog (603 followers)
The Rebel's Yell (600 followers)
Arbitrary Consent (595 followers)
Frontline (585 followers)
Hopi Sen (583 followers)

Fox News - FOX NEWS BIAS: My videos showing a pattern of bias on Fox News

You left your dick out Dick?

Modern Britain: The cornerstone of humanity


The festive period, a time for compassion for our fellow man, a time to consider the plight of others, a time to debunk the idea of the Christmas Carol by Dickens and banish the character of scrooge. A time for giving, a time for forgiveness (If I ever quote a Cliff Richard song again you have my permission to shoot me.) Not in modern Britain it seems.

We have the arson attack on a mosque which according to BNP legal officer Lee Barnes is an act of national liberation. Can't wait till they have more power, and some thug has just torched my house claiming freedom from my over-the-top, off message, left-wing poster in the window.

Next in line we have the Muslim mental who was convicted of smuggling heroin in China. Now we have to take both arguments with a pinch of salt, but the problem with executions is the finality of it all. Ooop's sorry doctor, your mental health assessment is finished, and you believe he had serious mental health issues, which led to a large degree of naivety and the capacity to be influenced by others. Not much a legal system can do when they are picking his poorly brain bits off the wall in the execution center. My shock was at the reaction of the many who thought he made his bed (no-one forced him to smuggle drugs) he should now 'lie' in it (he knew the laws before he agreed to smuggle drugs) and deserved to be executed. Wonder if the reaction would have been different of it had been a lovely young blond lady from the home counties. I don't wonder, I fucking know, there would have been outrage.

Finally the outpouring of nonsense surrounding the Nigerian terrorist, his subsequent arrest, and the solution to having to queue an extra half-hour in the airport. Just search Muslims? Or even better, according to the Express http://enemiesofreason.blogspot.com/2009/12/er-but-surely-and-but-eh.html just 'TARGET THE TERRORISTS'. Good one that.

Anyway, let me a raise a glass of festive cheer to the compassion of my fellow man and his ability to show deep understanding for the problems of society, and the level of pigment melonin in others skin.

Happy New Year.

27 December 2009

Micheal Howard is right on The Enemies of Reason



I have had numerous dealing's with the BNP, beginning with an invitation for interview to be published in my political thesis at university. The topic was voter apathy, and they flatly refused after initially agreeing until they realised I would not be promoting them, indeed I would have been printing all arguments.

They again refused when I invited them to take part in a local radio show on a talkshow I presented.

Each time I contacted both the local representative, and the national party by email, letter and phone call. They refused, and I imagine this would be the case if they were invited onto debates across the land.

They thrive, just like terrorists, far-right groups, religious fanatics et al because they use propaganda and fear. Usually with followers and sympathisers only, never with other groups as part of a logical and transparent debate.

If they did, they would be ridiculed, and just like the 'Question Time' debate, this can benefit and hinder them, but crucially they can never win the argument because they are so very wrong.

They can win the fight. But never the argument.

Powerful Speech by War Veteran - From Almost Daily Rant

BBC Covers the Myth of Al-Qaeda - From "Almost Daily Rant"

The Podcast Four - # 5 "Pre-dick-tions

This week the discussion basis was, “Predictions for 2010.” Dom Farelli started mentioning some predictions then just stated what was going to happen which angered Benni Blanco and George Allwell as it wasn’t predictions, more a statement of facts. Whatever.

Topics discussed;

Return of George, he eats, International pod casting, predictions for 2010, Nastradumb-ass, Qui, naming decades, less twattish history, Hitler’s palm reader, blind woman, WW3 pencilled in for October 2010 until November 2014, guess the celebrity paedophile, wrong predictions, Raging Christmas, celebrity deaths, parliament hangings, brief politics, life sport, Stuart Halls flowery thundering, Kill Colin Murray, Poker commentary, actual poker chat, Arrested Development film, Expendables cast, love-in for Stephen Graham, music releases, Jo Whiley on the scrapheap, she doesn’t even feed cats, top pop, stand-up, One Show - two cunts, Rednapp fucking, soap star football game, Peter Kay, Boyle on Buzzcocks, Carol cabbage, pandering to dickheads, lady parts, swearing, Benni causing Columbine, Dom’s confession part I, Benni’s confession, customer cunts, Dom’s confession part II, grand opening, grand closing, Tom from London, Leeds FC - Fucking Con, end.

Thank-You to Mr Dom Farelli for this info-busting summary.

24 December 2009

Historic Healthcare Bill is Passed in USA


George wants this healthcare bill to be a stepping stone to a day in the future when ALL the American people will be able to access FREE healthcare. A system that taxes everyone but when it comes to visiting the doctor and the hospital, money is never mentioned, and is never an issue.

The health service principle we have in the UK makes me very proud. I have received my fair share of care and treatment, and it is first class 95% of the time. But if I had to worry about the cost of treatment and consultation I would be blind. The treatment would be too expensive.

Well done Obama and the Democrats. Let us hope it does not turn out to be a profit generator for the health insurance companies.

23 December 2009

The Sun - Shite

One argument you'll often hear from people who (unlike me) know a thing or two about newspapers, goes like this: Say what you like about the Sun's politics, but it's brilliantly written and put together.

I know what they're saying - but is that actually true? Today's Sun front page, for example, might lead you to the opposite conclusion:

article continues here...



"Perhaps I've just caught the Sun on an especially bad day. Maybe normally they're launching full-scale investigative reports about the things that really matter, rather than trying to trap celebs in brothels, and maybe normally they look like they're something other than a shite comic."

This is an especially good day for The Sun.

Full -scale investigative reports rarely exist in any modern media, when the only things that matter are advertising and sales revenues. A point you clearly demonstrate throughout this blog.

The idea they have to 'trap' celebs in brothels is somewhat idealistic, they do not need primary evidence and photos, coupled with triple checking sources, these papers (and I include Mail, Mirror and Express in this)rarely use anything other than PR releases, gossip, political agenda, fear and sex to sell papers. Facts and methodical, analytical reporting and researching costs time and money. They also tend to support the truth, and that is just a faraway moral principle media organisations used to treasure. Back in the day.

Solution? I used to try and debate points they made with 'readers' I knew. Now I don't bother because all you get is 'your-a-fucking-lefty' 'A fucking do-gooder' (the opposite of the ever popular do-badder!) A figure of speech that has baffled me since childhood! Do not 'do-bad' and do not 'do-good' (my conclusion in adulthood has been to, to my shame, 'do-nothing')

Not anymore.

21 December 2009

Loads of Scripts - Looks like original copies!


Great source material.

Brilliant - http://ifyoulikeitsomuchwhydontyougolivethere.com/2009/12/18/comeback/

  1. Spaceman Dave

    Greetings. I am currently taking part in a sercret manned mission to Mars. So, given the current relative positions of the Earth, Mars and the ship, I am the most northerly member of the human race and will be for the next 2.51 years.

    Also, the ship’s computer wishes you to know that in all probability I am capable of injesting 37.8% more alcohol than you and 23.4% more likely to survive prolonged exposure to cold. Statistically Verifiable Fact!

    Righty-ho, gotta go, my silicon-boss is telling me that the pod-bay door is malfunctioning apparently.

  2. on 20 Dec 2009 at 2:59 pm Hal

    I am capable of injesting 37.8% more alcohol than you

    I don’t think I can let you do that Dave.

14 December 2009

The climate change debate continues...

Best analysis I have come across so far.

Private Eye - Rotten Councils


Déjà-vu as fire destroys 31 properties just four months after the Lakanal House inferno.

All aboard the Prince of Wales’s Penzance carbuncle!

How many residents want an elected mayor? About half the number of names that appear on a petition calling for one…

How long will the council hold on to its new finance director – so in-demand she has 52 resigned directorships under her belt?

The experiment that left the council looking like, ahem, ‘sorrowful wankers’.


11 December 2009

Tut tut Tiger


Injunction brought by Schillings on behalf of Tiger Woods so we can't see him naked or in any sexual encounter. This requires both explanations, firstly, I could not care less about what Tiger Woods gets upto in his spare time, and secondly, it is wrong for him to impose his wealth on the freedom of information in the UK. He should not be filmed having sex if he does not want anyone to see it!

Political Agenda Perhaps?

Which is worse??

I resent reading either of them. The Mirror has very little redeeming features, apart a vague connection with my own political agenda, but tainted with the celebrity 'news' that so enhances ones tabloid experience.

The Daily Mail has one positive section, the sport coverage, usually incredibly detailed and with Martin Samuel they have one of the best sports journalists and writers in the business. But that is it, literally. The rest is half-baked fascism covered up in the veneer of right-wing middle class nimby-ism. Successful, and popularly profitable, it makes one worry about the so called tolerance and fair play the British are supposed to be fabled for when this piece of nonsense supposedly represents the next step up from tabloid filth.

10 December 2009

09 December 2009

One in Ten was born somewhere else. Who cares?


I am not very popular with the Daily Mail. Check out the comments section at the bottom of the page, and look at the unpopular comments. Hi, there I am at number two, annoying the Mail readers, which, to be frank, is not that difficult a thing to do.

George Osborne's Brother Scandal followed by conversion



Doctor scandal is reprived through the religion of Islam? A failed convert...



Written by 'Nelson' of the above blog. A blog that will make you laugh, cry or be angry, if its the latter, fuck off back to your cave or laptop and keep spouting the shit that makes me laugh. Thanks.

When I read something like this it reminds me that these aren’t just simpletons. These are cretinous, self-absorbed ball-bags, proud of their dogmatic commitment to “not having the first fucking clue about anything, ever”. That shit takes skill. To be consistently wrong every time you express an opinion is not something a complete ignoramus could manage. Stabbing randomly at stuff would more or less guarantee that you occasionally get something right. These cunts perform way above chance. Let’s not give them too much credit though, it’s pretty straightforward once you realise the simple trick behind it: You simply start out believing things that are actually self-contradictory. Doesn’t much matter which direction you head from there does it?

08 December 2009

Brilliant News Analysis by Tabloid Watch




The Sun (scum) has been telling porkies again, and again.

The Polls are on the way down?


Concern is starting to creep into the Tory camp after a series of polls showed them under the decisive 40 point mark. This can only be a good thing. Governments with huge majorities just do what they want and take no other party, or opinion, into the equation.

A hung parliament is the ideal, proportional, representation of the public. It means politicians have to work together and concede policies from other parties. This gives greater representation to the voters who only poll 20 per cent or less, but then may end up having the same level of influence over government policy, hence truly democratic.

Huge majorities for any party are effectively a dictatorship, the government dictates, the party rubber stamps. No debate, no democracy (well every five years), no representation.

07 December 2009

Podcast Four - Episode Two, on itunes, again. Nine subscribers a day! Oh and this is POST NUMBER 100 of this blog.


This week the discussion basis was, “Food.” This was due to George Allwell eating a rank burger making him ill from a local takeaway.

Topics discussed;

Being on iTunes, food, diets, takeaways, eating Monday meat that went off from Saturday, Daily Express food shock - eat breakfast, research tool, killer salt, foreign chickens, mushrooms vs. cancer, Daily Mail using our story, life on mars but not really its just wind, the last Nazi, grandma racism, Barrymore striking it, boner killer Marsh, more Mail fail-lines, the last Nazi interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson, Dooms radio confession, joke coughs, Obi and Dr Ross’s truth about goats, Celine Dion torture techniques, dead soldier douche, brain matters?, heavenly transport, shit coms, Friends with hepatitis but not Danny Dyer, end.

The Likely Tax Policy created on the gardens of Eton?


The author of the Daily Mail article, a certain James Palumbo, did not spell out the nature of the proposed tax rises. However, the Conservative Party’s policy is to reduce the tax paid by the richest people in society- by cutting the top rate of income tax, raising the threshold for inheritance tax, and reducing corporation tax. So, in the likely event of a Conservative victory at the next general election, any increase in the government’s taxation income would be gained mainly at the expense of the poor and middle-income earners; for example by upping the rate of VAT and by raising the national insurance and income tax burden on low and medium paid workers.

06 December 2009

The Daily Mash - The poor are just an excuse claim Bankers


Funny Pooh Xmas Card

Very Funny Pooh xmas card.

Walt Disney Cartoon - The Making of a Nazi

Banned Cartoons

Why do atheists care about Religion?

The Goon Bible Project

Why do people laugh at creationists?

Sarah Palin - Africa the country with dinasaurs and creationism.

Palin, Damon and Dinosaurs

Political Fiction

Is Tiger Feeling Lucky?

Leaked Shell International Documents


Intranet message to Shell employees from Shell VP’s Tony Patterson and Colin Abraham


Shell has signed an agreement to appoint Univar as a “Macro Distributor” of Shell lubricants products in Sweden, Norway,
Denmark and Finland. Univar will be responsible for marketing, selling and distributing Shell branded lubricants in these four countries.

As part of this transaction, AB SVENSKA SHELL, OY SHELL AB, A/S NORSKE SHELL and A/S DANSK SHELL have each signed an agreement with affiliates of the Univar Group to transfer their local lubricants business to the relevant Univar affiliate.

Univar is one of the world’s leading independent distributors of industrial and specialty chemicals and related services. In the Nordic region, Univar is the market leader in its segment, serving some 5,000 customers.

This new distributorship is consistent with our continued efforts to increase global competitiveness and strengthen our ability to respond to market changes in the Lubricants business. Part of this response is in simplifying our route to market operations. In appointing Univar as a Macro Distributor, we believe we can offer even better levels of service to customers and improve business performance.

From previous experience in other countries, customers have benefited from working with more locally focused businesses that are already active in key channels and have extensive business contacts in the local markets. The model is a proven success in sustaining and growing Shell branded lubricant sales in countries where it has been implemented.

This appointment focuses solely on the domestic lubricants sales, marketing and distribution activities of the four Shell companies in the Nordics, including local Aviation and Marine lubricants businesses.

The agreements exclude the selling and marketing of lubricants to international Marine customers, to a small number of key global Lubricants customers and the selling and marketing of process oils.

Univar will also become a delivery service provider for Shell Marine Products’ international customers and key global Lubricants customers.

These business transfers do not affect any other Shell activities in the Nordics.

We anticipate that the transaction will be concluded in April 2010. The implementation and completion of the transaction is subject to the receipt of the necessary regulatory approvals.

Univar will be making presentations to the relevant lubricants-related staff in the next week when they will be able to answer staff questions.

Until completion of the transaction, business will continue as usual. Whilst this time of change is understandably unsettling, staff are asked to continue to focus on running the business with the same professionalism and dedication as always and with safety as the number one priority.

The NLT, the Nordics Lubricants leadership team, HR and line managers are all planning and working to make the transition period as easy and as short as possible for everyone and will keep staff informed on progress over the next period.

Tony Patterson, VP Nordics
Colin Abraham, VP Marketing, Strategy and Distributor Markets Shell

Posted in: GoogleNews, Leaked Shell Emails, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Shell, Shell Employee Safety, Shell Job Cuts.

Moore Takes on Obama

Why does Stallone Kick the Ball away when he saves it, PLAY TO THE WHISTLE!

Darling to call it a day after JUST £11,000,000,000 spent on NHS IT scheme


A multi-billion pound NHS IT system may be cancelled in Wednesday's pre-Budget report, Alistair Darling has hinted.

The chancellor said the "quite expensive" programme, which has been hit by problems and delays, could be axed to save cash....

ExxonMobil - Funding the Sceptics?

The world's largest oil company is continuing to fund lobby groups that question the reality of global warming, despite a public pledge to cut support for such climate change denial, a new analysis shows.

Company records show that ExxonMobil handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds to such lobby groups in 2008. These include the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in Dallas, Texas, which received $75,000 (£45,500), and the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, which received $50,000.

05 December 2009

The Thick of It - Hilarious


Freedom of Information Requests


C4 News - Fact Check


Impartial, empirical, reliable and dispassionate, Channel 4 FactCheck analyses the claims and counter-claims of those in the public eye.

The 'Other' Taxpayers Alliance


The TaxPayers' Alliance is right about one thing: the government has a responsibility to spend wisely and efficiently. And Labour has indeed squandered public funds through schemes like the Private Finance Initiative, and by shelling out huge subsidies to private train operators. Imagine our surprise, then, when we spotted high-profile recipients of such wasteful spending among TaxPayers' Alliance supporters. They include Malcolm McAlpine, Director of Olympics contractor and PFI provider Sir Robert McAlpine, and Sir Tom Cowie, Life President of Arriva, the train operator whose poor punctuality seems to grow in proportion to its subsidies. We demand that the government finds more efficient ways to spend our money.

04 December 2009

UK Legislation - Spyblog


The United Kingdom suffers from tens of thousands of pages of complicated criminal laws, and thousands of new, often unenforceable criminal offences, which have been created as a "Pretend to be Seen to Be Doing Something" response to tabloid media hype and hysteria, and political social engineering dogmas. These overbroad, catch-all laws, which remove the scope for any judicial appeals process, have been rubber stamped, often without being read, let alone properly understood, by Members of Parliament.

The text of many of these Acts of Parliament are now online, but it is still too difficult for most people, including the police and criminal justice system, to work out the cumulative effect of all the amendments, even for the most serious offences involving national security or terrorism or serious crime.

Many MPs do not seem to bother to even to actually read the details of the legislation which they vote to inflict on us.

Why are Tory writers so stupid?


Banks get £850 Billion in Bailout

A story about Banks ripping off the public, so not immigrants or swine flu or food scares, but the actual theft of public money by private (now public) banking institutions and individuals. Hail the Mail for backing the common man in this fight against corporate corruption. Or are they criticising the government? Both. Rightly so. Strange one though when the figure rises from the real figure given by the National Audit Office (£131m).


So where does the £850b come from?

Total public sector support – including borrowing guarantees and liquidity support from the Bank, as well as depositor savings protection – runs to £850bn.

So the figure is just guarantees for all the mortgages and savings currently in the saved banks? The prime commodities of the Mail readers maybe? Wonder how much they would have recieved off the Cameron led Investment Bank driven Tory Party?


A fresh row over City bonuses is set to engulf ministers after it emerged last night that 200 executives at Lloyds, the partly state-owned bank, are set to receive one-off payments worth up to 80 per cent of their annual salaries. (The Times)

This is the real theft, there are economic arguments on both sides when it comes to securing the whole banking and credit system within the UK, the government decided to use tax-payers money to do this, and we still have a banking system. But paying the failed individuals who were part of the cause of this problem by seeking high-return high-risk investments is beyond belief.

Despite being 70 per cent government-owned, RBS plans to share about £1.5 billion between its senior staff. The Treasury wants the right to veto such a move. Completing the stand-off, the RBS board is threatening to resign if the Treasury insists on the right to meddle. (The Times)

I say resign now. And that is being very polite.

Forget The Fact Bankers Steal £40,000 of Every Person in the UK. Blame the Immigrants

Now bearing in mind The Daily Express is giving away tomorrow's paper for less than the price of toilet paper, so Desmond is doing his bit for the people during this recession, but forget the b(w)ankers, focus on the immigrants.

A new loophole is causing chaos within the education system and allowing dirty immigrants with no academic merit to use the degrees stay in the country and bleed the benefit system dry. Of course actual facts are a mute point when it comes to Express-Journalism.

Don't forget it will help you make the perfect xmas dinner. Curry perhaps?

03 December 2009

Bankers Need to 'Join the Real World' says Minister

A government minister has told bankers "to come back into the real world" after Royal Bank of Scotland directors threatened to resign over bonuses.

City Minister Lord Myners said it was unrealistic that bankers should expect to be paid million pound bonuses.

RBS reportedly wants to pay a total of £1.5bn in bonuses to investment banking staff, and the board has threatened to quit if the government blocks the move.


Mock-Up Headline From a Futuristic Britain


The Daily Mail are a bunch of.... Facebook Group - With Rating by Mail Fan

Fan Mail:

"You're all a bunch of fucking liberal cunts. You self hating self-righteous un-patriotic bunch of fucking moaning mummys boys.

Why dont you all fuck off and suck bob 'im an irish cunt' geldofs fucking african cock and eat your own shit you fucking left wing hydrogen car driving bunch of fucking homosexual long haired jumper wearing student pricks.


From the delightful Alex Beever.


More Quality Podcasts


The Pod Delusion is a podcast about interesting things. From scepticism to lefty liberal things, it's commentary from a secular, rationalist, 'Guardianista', sort of perspective. A bit like From Our Own Correspondent but with more jokes.

The Biggest Outrage in Freedom of Speech History.


But some of these comments, AFTER the article, reveal the true extent of Mail indoctrination. The Daily Mail - the last bastion of Adolf Hitler propaganda left. He really did infiltrate the British media establishment after all.

This was my favourite podcast at the time (now it has to be the Podcast Four) and how a few Mail readers managed to gang up and rid the airwaves of such free speech just shows the ignorance and ridiculous principles these people live by, THEY didn't even watch it and still got it banned. I blame Sachs myself, all he had to do was answer the phone!

Daily Mail After Obama Victory?

This may be a mock-up, but we all know what they really think! Honesty has to be the best policy when it comes to full-on racist newspapers..


I had to give you a bonus press, and I am sure you will be pleased with the result?



The Daily Mail-o-matic Headline Generator

Old Holborn - The Power of the Uniform

(Great Paragraph)

Here is your task for today, fellow seditionaries. Ask a "community warden" or a "PCSO" why they are wearing a uniform. They have no authority and no power. Mock their costumes. Laugh at them. Photograph them. Ask them their names. Get them to show you some ID. And tell them (shhh...quietly now) that you KNOW they are just dressing up in a silly costume to scare people. And they're getting paid to do it. By you.

Taken from: http://bastardoldholborn.blogspot.com/2009/12/power-of-uniform.html

Washington Lawyers Racist Report

Clip from http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Washington_State_Bar_Association_censored_racism_report%2C_2007

Mr. Anderson’s article describes the challenges facing Angela Walker’s African-
American family in Hoquiam. The incidents range from the mild (e.g., people asking to touch
her son’s hair because it is different (Ex. D, at 1)) to chasing her son with an ax and calling
him a “fuckin’ nigger.” Ex. D, at 1-2 (emphasis added). Individuals in Hoquiam have said “I
never felt a colored person’s hair before.” Ex. D, at 1 (emphasis added). Ms. Walker is “mixed”
but her five children and husband are “black.” Ex. D, at 1. Because of their race or for some
other reason, an unknown individual put “sugar or something” in the gas tank of the family van.
Ex. D, at 1 (emphasis added). The family’s children are called “nigger” by other children but
they sometimes manage to form friendships with the name-callers. Ex. D, at 1 (emphasis added).
Caucasian children have driven past and yelled “niggers!” to Mrs. Walker’s family. Ex. D, at 2.
A Caucasian female told the Walker family that “she was on a ‘nigger hunt.’” Ex. D, at 2
(emphasis added).

Please take time to read full report or contribute to Wikileaks.

Barry Hearn - Snooker Chief/Double Speak?

"At this stage all I can promise the membership of the WPBSA is total transparency, coupled with a regular supply of truthful information."


Enemies of Reason - Quality Review - Again


Free Snippet:

"But that's beside the point. Even I've heard of Tiger Woods. And despite his massive celebrity, I can't help asking the question: who gives a shit? What's happened over the past few days has been fairly ridiculous. Sure, he had a car accident. And...? Ah, but there's something else involved, a suspicion that he's had an affair, and the papers have reverted to their 1970s type. Ooh men and women doing it, they whoop, like teenage boys talking about fucking behind the bike sheds! And then you have the tragic misogyny of the Sun, as ever, talking about a 'girl' who is Tiger's 'birdie', I mean how cheap is that?"

Tory Demands RBS Bosses Resign


Top tory thinks the board of RBS should resign? So he can apply maybe?

02 December 2009

Check This Out - Great Poll Resources


It's time for an across-the-piece, step change, rollout of new language in public sector documents

Taken from conservativehome.blog.com - Now THIS I agree with!

The Public Administration Select Committee of the House of Commons will today produce a report on the jargon-laden language of official documents. This is their favourite:

"Savings on the core grant-in-aid delivering the Change-Up programme, against the counterfactual of an inflationary increase and reprioritisation of the OTS budget to fund a wider range of investment programmes from the 2007-08 baseline amount to around £4.8m realised in 2008-09."

That was in a Cabinet Office paper.

Other ugly words highlighted by The Guardian's report of the publication are "rollouts, step changes, public domains, fit for purposes, stakeholder engagements, across the pieces, win-wins, level playing fields and going forwards".

Taken off the conservativehome.blogs.com Wonder How Long this Principle Will Be Kept to?

David Cameron apologises to the Commons for error over Islamic school funding

Beginning his response to the Prime Minister's statement on Afghanistan David Cameron has just said this in the Commons:

"Before turning to Afghanistan can I start by putting right something I got wrong last week? While the two Islamic schools I mentioned got government money while being run by people linked to the extremist group Hizb ut Tahrir, and while they did receive that money under a pathfinder scheme, it was not the pathfinder scheme concerned with combating extremism. I am sorry for the error. I believe when you get a fact wrong, you should put it right. But I continue to believe that it is wrong that taxpayers' money goes to schools run by extremists."

Let's hope such errors can be avoided in future but good on Mr Cameron for saying sorry. Smaller men never apologise.

Tim Montgomerie

Well Done Sir - True Tory Values

The Sun - The Cornerstone of Poltical Flip-Flopping

Good to see The Sun getting it right now and again?

01 December 2009

The Bearer of Bad News International allows Cameron to join the Love-In.

A 'Hack' drawing.
The truth about the Sun/Cameron alliance maybe?

Life at the Sun?

Brilliant. Can't beat the tabloids for cheap holidays, stating the obvious and dumbing down the official discovery date for extra terrestrial existence.

ITunes Podcast Sensation - Revealed

No need to rub your eyes, yes, this is an actual podcast page on itunes. The Podcast Four has been accepted by the istore on itunes, for free, so subscribe. New episode coming soon.

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