30 December 2009

Modern Britain: The cornerstone of humanity


The festive period, a time for compassion for our fellow man, a time to consider the plight of others, a time to debunk the idea of the Christmas Carol by Dickens and banish the character of scrooge. A time for giving, a time for forgiveness (If I ever quote a Cliff Richard song again you have my permission to shoot me.) Not in modern Britain it seems.

We have the arson attack on a mosque which according to BNP legal officer Lee Barnes is an act of national liberation. Can't wait till they have more power, and some thug has just torched my house claiming freedom from my over-the-top, off message, left-wing poster in the window.

Next in line we have the Muslim mental who was convicted of smuggling heroin in China. Now we have to take both arguments with a pinch of salt, but the problem with executions is the finality of it all. Ooop's sorry doctor, your mental health assessment is finished, and you believe he had serious mental health issues, which led to a large degree of naivety and the capacity to be influenced by others. Not much a legal system can do when they are picking his poorly brain bits off the wall in the execution center. My shock was at the reaction of the many who thought he made his bed (no-one forced him to smuggle drugs) he should now 'lie' in it (he knew the laws before he agreed to smuggle drugs) and deserved to be executed. Wonder if the reaction would have been different of it had been a lovely young blond lady from the home counties. I don't wonder, I fucking know, there would have been outrage.

Finally the outpouring of nonsense surrounding the Nigerian terrorist, his subsequent arrest, and the solution to having to queue an extra half-hour in the airport. Just search Muslims? Or even better, according to the Express http://enemiesofreason.blogspot.com/2009/12/er-but-surely-and-but-eh.html just 'TARGET THE TERRORISTS'. Good one that.

Anyway, let me a raise a glass of festive cheer to the compassion of my fellow man and his ability to show deep understanding for the problems of society, and the level of pigment melonin in others skin.

Happy New Year.

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