09 December 2009



Written by 'Nelson' of the above blog. A blog that will make you laugh, cry or be angry, if its the latter, fuck off back to your cave or laptop and keep spouting the shit that makes me laugh. Thanks.

When I read something like this it reminds me that these aren’t just simpletons. These are cretinous, self-absorbed ball-bags, proud of their dogmatic commitment to “not having the first fucking clue about anything, ever”. That shit takes skill. To be consistently wrong every time you express an opinion is not something a complete ignoramus could manage. Stabbing randomly at stuff would more or less guarantee that you occasionally get something right. These cunts perform way above chance. Let’s not give them too much credit though, it’s pretty straightforward once you realise the simple trick behind it: You simply start out believing things that are actually self-contradictory. Doesn’t much matter which direction you head from there does it?

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