07 December 2009

Podcast Four - Episode Two, on itunes, again. Nine subscribers a day! Oh and this is POST NUMBER 100 of this blog.


This week the discussion basis was, “Food.” This was due to George Allwell eating a rank burger making him ill from a local takeaway.

Topics discussed;

Being on iTunes, food, diets, takeaways, eating Monday meat that went off from Saturday, Daily Express food shock - eat breakfast, research tool, killer salt, foreign chickens, mushrooms vs. cancer, Daily Mail using our story, life on mars but not really its just wind, the last Nazi, grandma racism, Barrymore striking it, boner killer Marsh, more Mail fail-lines, the last Nazi interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson, Dooms radio confession, joke coughs, Obi and Dr Ross’s truth about goats, Celine Dion torture techniques, dead soldier douche, brain matters?, heavenly transport, shit coms, Friends with hepatitis but not Danny Dyer, end.

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