23 December 2009

The Sun - Shite

One argument you'll often hear from people who (unlike me) know a thing or two about newspapers, goes like this: Say what you like about the Sun's politics, but it's brilliantly written and put together.

I know what they're saying - but is that actually true? Today's Sun front page, for example, might lead you to the opposite conclusion:

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"Perhaps I've just caught the Sun on an especially bad day. Maybe normally they're launching full-scale investigative reports about the things that really matter, rather than trying to trap celebs in brothels, and maybe normally they look like they're something other than a shite comic."

This is an especially good day for The Sun.

Full -scale investigative reports rarely exist in any modern media, when the only things that matter are advertising and sales revenues. A point you clearly demonstrate throughout this blog.

The idea they have to 'trap' celebs in brothels is somewhat idealistic, they do not need primary evidence and photos, coupled with triple checking sources, these papers (and I include Mail, Mirror and Express in this)rarely use anything other than PR releases, gossip, political agenda, fear and sex to sell papers. Facts and methodical, analytical reporting and researching costs time and money. They also tend to support the truth, and that is just a faraway moral principle media organisations used to treasure. Back in the day.

Solution? I used to try and debate points they made with 'readers' I knew. Now I don't bother because all you get is 'your-a-fucking-lefty' 'A fucking do-gooder' (the opposite of the ever popular do-badder!) A figure of speech that has baffled me since childhood! Do not 'do-bad' and do not 'do-good' (my conclusion in adulthood has been to, to my shame, 'do-nothing')

Not anymore.

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