27 December 2009

Micheal Howard is right on The Enemies of Reason



I have had numerous dealing's with the BNP, beginning with an invitation for interview to be published in my political thesis at university. The topic was voter apathy, and they flatly refused after initially agreeing until they realised I would not be promoting them, indeed I would have been printing all arguments.

They again refused when I invited them to take part in a local radio show on a talkshow I presented.

Each time I contacted both the local representative, and the national party by email, letter and phone call. They refused, and I imagine this would be the case if they were invited onto debates across the land.

They thrive, just like terrorists, far-right groups, religious fanatics et al because they use propaganda and fear. Usually with followers and sympathisers only, never with other groups as part of a logical and transparent debate.

If they did, they would be ridiculed, and just like the 'Question Time' debate, this can benefit and hinder them, but crucially they can never win the argument because they are so very wrong.

They can win the fight. But never the argument.

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