27 December 2009

The Podcast Four - # 5 "Pre-dick-tions

This week the discussion basis was, “Predictions for 2010.” Dom Farelli started mentioning some predictions then just stated what was going to happen which angered Benni Blanco and George Allwell as it wasn’t predictions, more a statement of facts. Whatever.

Topics discussed;

Return of George, he eats, International pod casting, predictions for 2010, Nastradumb-ass, Qui, naming decades, less twattish history, Hitler’s palm reader, blind woman, WW3 pencilled in for October 2010 until November 2014, guess the celebrity paedophile, wrong predictions, Raging Christmas, celebrity deaths, parliament hangings, brief politics, life sport, Stuart Halls flowery thundering, Kill Colin Murray, Poker commentary, actual poker chat, Arrested Development film, Expendables cast, love-in for Stephen Graham, music releases, Jo Whiley on the scrapheap, she doesn’t even feed cats, top pop, stand-up, One Show - two cunts, Rednapp fucking, soap star football game, Peter Kay, Boyle on Buzzcocks, Carol cabbage, pandering to dickheads, lady parts, swearing, Benni causing Columbine, Dom’s confession part I, Benni’s confession, customer cunts, Dom’s confession part II, grand opening, grand closing, Tom from London, Leeds FC - Fucking Con, end.

Thank-You to Mr Dom Farelli for this info-busting summary.

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