03 December 2009

Washington Lawyers Racist Report

Clip from http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Washington_State_Bar_Association_censored_racism_report%2C_2007

Mr. Anderson’s article describes the challenges facing Angela Walker’s African-
American family in Hoquiam. The incidents range from the mild (e.g., people asking to touch
her son’s hair because it is different (Ex. D, at 1)) to chasing her son with an ax and calling
him a “fuckin’ nigger.” Ex. D, at 1-2 (emphasis added). Individuals in Hoquiam have said “I
never felt a colored person’s hair before.” Ex. D, at 1 (emphasis added). Ms. Walker is “mixed”
but her five children and husband are “black.” Ex. D, at 1. Because of their race or for some
other reason, an unknown individual put “sugar or something” in the gas tank of the family van.
Ex. D, at 1 (emphasis added). The family’s children are called “nigger” by other children but
they sometimes manage to form friendships with the name-callers. Ex. D, at 1 (emphasis added).
Caucasian children have driven past and yelled “niggers!” to Mrs. Walker’s family. Ex. D, at 2.
A Caucasian female told the Walker family that “she was on a ‘nigger hunt.’” Ex. D, at 2
(emphasis added).

Please take time to read full report or contribute to Wikileaks.

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