15 January 2010

Podcast Four - Episode Seven

Cheers to Dom Farelli (Blogging and Film Writing Sensation)

This week the discussion basis was, “Moral Highgrounds.” No Benni Blanco this week, but a week of firsts, our first special guest Kev Cee Jay and our first email.

Topics discussed;

Overselling Kev intro, Littlejohns‘ little intelligence, is Kev eligible? Poor naive Kev, put Chester in the sat-nav, car spin story, Steven Hawkins mention, Taxi lies, £480 a bump, Dad break, remembering Kev dressed as my mum, Kev shits on the podcast episode title, Syrian race, Sherlock Holmes review, Wiki-Films, George’s blog bother, British National Pricks, communist paedo’s, bit of racism, Obama Vs The South, burning Gary Coleman, Kevy plug, building Kev’s celebrity, digits are coming, we need a Karl, Marlon King rape carols, Russell Howard piss-take, George abuses our main listeners, George Carlin, Dom’s moral high ground, most Oasis fans are simple, Kev’s first thoughts on colour - hard cocks, guys version of bra colours, Dom’s criminal confession, Pringle promo, 6 is impressive, Kev’s video challenge, grape medical advice, secret Santa “…in a can” gift, THE FIRST EMAIL, Schindler’s Lift, John Leslie’s podcast, end.

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