05 January 2010

Queen Catches Normal Train Horror

Does that mean the rest of us travel without respect and dignity on the normal train service?

"Mind you, from the photos I saw the train didn't bear much resemblance to the ones I catch every morning. I guess it was clean, the toilets weren't over flowing it arrived some time this Millennium."

That should also explain why his daily blog occurs once a week, at best.

Finally, the most read stories have clearly been sabotaged by Southern, sex-obsessed, strictly hip-hop Man United fans!


  1. I like the AGREE WITH GAUNTY? in big capital letters.

  2. Yes, they need to replace the question mark with an exclamation mark and then they can enter our subconscious without any confusion at all.

    The (1) comment shows how well he appeals to his core readership, and his subliminal messaging is clearly a runaway success.