01 January 2010

No hope for young lad with pisshead mother, according to, you guessed it, the dailymail

Why do national newspapers have to write these stories, writing off this boys chances of any kind of future, giving him the status within his group that only increases his willingness to 'impress'. All this is irrelavant I hear you cry? This lad should be locked up for years, he deserves all he gets, what about the victims, that is what all youths are like, be afraid, be very afraid. Worse than that he is getting the blame for his actions, dismissing possibly years of emotional abuse and neglect at the hands of his alcoholic mother.

He should be taking responsibilty for his actions, but for gods sake he should not be blamed for his actions. Whatever anyone says, he is not to blame. He is 11 years old for fucks sake. He went in a children's home at the age of 9. There has to be some punishment, and he needs to be moved away from the area, but there is still hope for him. Plenty of hope. We just have to make him believe it, thats all.

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