24 January 2010

The Podcast Four - Episode 9 - Childishness. Child. Dish. Nurse.


Thanks to Dom Farelli


This week the discussion basis was, “Childishness.” Kev is back in the studio and we’re all being childish.

Topics discussed;

George’s custard intro, status change rape, laughing at the fat girl on the train, fat stats, the lads, more custard, Katona type mums, Kev’s heartfelt campaign, People:Asleep, charity single, reggae fine, Ronan guest spot, food awakenings, Luke shout out, Arwel water story, map rime, research box, more George racism, dense and rivers, Metro is shit, Afghan-bluff, documentary Ken doll, userus is the piss, piss sit, copywrite friend buying, Austrian family values, Chad and Brad and Zack, jump ship (not literally), …..joke….., George’s 147 fears, drug face, scrounge for trafficking, Spain - sorry, France - coffee, Avatar again, Titanic is shit, DVDA on Trannies (DVD TV shows), lost about Lost, Clerks II poster, Kanye West is a gay fish, more racism, Minority TV (MTV awards), Taylor her Swift, Jackass, face purging, Kev loves Hello Kitty and Powerpuff Girls, his words, final purge, end.

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