17 January 2010

Two Hundred Posts and Counting:

This blogging lark, writing small articles, posting links to great or grossly bad articles I read, commenting on other peoples posts, having a ding-dong, watching the videos, laughing in horror or building up rage inside. It has been a blast. It was, primarily, a learning curve. Trying out different things, seeing what I liked best.

The next step has to be more focused analysis, particularly on Wikileaks if it reopens anytime soon. (Make sure, if you can, to contribute to the future of transparent journalism, and exposing the corrupt power-brokers in all the different guises and titles they take.)

One area I am going to increase is the amount of comments and debates I take part in on other political blogs, of all spheres. That is what I enjoy most, listening to other peoples opinions and giving my own, about a range of different topics.

One thing I was very naïve to is the trolls. The fuckers. What a set of horrible individuals. Wonder if it will ever become a crime to post some of the scandalous, horrific at times, posts made by these people. Troll-crime. George would agree to that, surely? The trolls are accomplices of Big Brother, internet hate-police, looking for an argument to attack with bile and vitriol. Destroy the conversation, test the patience, spout lies and accusations, offend, talk shit, and act like flies round shit, if we had scratch and sniff laptops, actually give off a smell which always resembles shit. If you want a couple of real-life examples, Google Richard Littlejohn and Rod Liddle, you will get all the shit in the world. In fact, just take my word for it, your life will be a better place if you never come across any word written by these two, ever.

The areas of focus should still remain; big government, big businesses, big media, big religions and big political parties.

Some of my Favourites:










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