05 January 2010

Facebook Wootton Bassett Race Rage

This seems like a particularly pleasant group on facebook, with ten thousand members and counting.

The majority on this group do not use the phrase, Islam 4 UK, but decide for the simple label, Muslims. Surely they must have realised that this is not all Muslims? That more Muslims fight in the armed forces than are planning to protest for the fanatic group?

But the solution to those planning to protest? Murder, genocide and civil war.

There was a brilliant article written this morning on the enemies of reason blog that outlines some of the arguments we should be considering.

My own opinion is "They should be allowed to march, without doubt, but everybody who has signed a facebook group (and subsequently feel much better about themselves for it, in a look at me I hate terrorists kind of way) should get themselves down to Wootten Bassett and peacefully pay there respects to the people they care so passionately about.

Never agreed with silent funeral parades anyway, we should be celebrating the bravery and dedication. Just like with many public sector workers on these shores.

Surely the right to freely protest, to speak freely, and live freely, is what the soldiers are fighting for anyway?

If we keep changing our laws and society to adapt around the dangers of terrorism then they win. That is their intention remember. To change our 'free' society.

We must not forget the many citizens who went to work on Sept 12th 2001 in New York or July 8th 2005 in London, or indeed for many years in Belfast, they are soldiers too. Carrying on as we did before, exactly the same, is the only way to beat these people. As tough as that may be."

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