21 January 2010

Cameron mock-up most popular politics site


The website publishing spoofing the airbrushed posters of David Cameron – MyDavidCameron.com – has become the most popular politics site in the UK.

Founder Clifford Singer today posted Google Analytics stats showing the site was now more popular than the official Conservatives website.

Launched only two weeks ago, ‘Airbrushed For Change’ had received 105,928 visits, of which 89,827 were absolute unique visitors.

Our busiest day to date was Friday 15 Jan, when we received 20,343 visits.

We had also recorded more than 1400 tweets linking to our site (although there were many more tweets that referred to us without linking and these were not recorded).

More than 500 posters have been submitted.

The stats also show that the site is already more popular than the top Tory blogs.


Hate to get serious about this, because I found them hilarious, but is not all publicity, good publicity? Is this not Cameron’s dream, for a Tory election poster to go internet-mad?

Let us hope this influx of visitors were swing-voters unsure of the Tories, pondering the compassion and progression Cameron espouses, swing-voters who are now crying into their hands, gutted at the realization that both main parties are basically saying the same thing. We live in a democra-ship, we are told we have a say, we have a vote, we have equal power – when in reality we have no choice, like the US, and can only hope that electoral reform can change this and give representation. A voting system that promotes diversity with parties and co-operation between elected officials.

Oh my words, way too serious. Laugh at Cameron, he shines like the sun, glows like the moon and is the Savior of the World!

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