07 January 2010

Anonymous debate continued...

"It is now an admitted fact that White people are at the bottom of the housing ladder and jobs market, they lack basic skills due to the last 30 years of government policies, they lack basic education with no knowledge of there own history but are constaly force fed the Zionist Marxist version of the slave trade and the holocaust injecting them with a guilt complex they should never have."

What a load of absolute tosh. White men control over 90% of the worlds finances. They run the vast majority of banks, businesses and have had positions of power in the UK since time began. I have never had a guilty complex about the gassing of millions of Jewish people. Why would I? It was because of people like you that we had a Second World War. Your the Nazi, not me.

I like freedom, you like oppression. I like peace, you like war. I like to think, you like to be ordered. I like human beings, your still in the Neanderthal stage of evolution. Wake up and smell the culture Anon.

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