17 January 2010

The Podcast Four - Bit of News. Bitter News


This week the discussion basis was, “Bitter News.” It was a news worthy week, with some forced bitterness and fake anger.

Topics discussed;

International hello, password? Fucking face book again, Hoff-man, bitter news, Avatar, Dom’s ace gag, Crufts apology, Hitler Hounds, Raceformers 2, product placement boners, darts isn’t a sport, Nursing Heinz, is it the shoes? I Am Terrorist, selecting emails, Star texts, Tranny love, Disney’s Sarah Palin, Foxy news stories, YouTube Glen Beck, nailin’ Pailin, Katona take down, November 9th,
Hannity & Colmes, 7000 year old dinosaurs, Mormons - come on, wheelchairs don’t sway me, RE - god and Jesus, 11 Pringles in the mouth, self-promotion, cross (keys) promotion, Buddhists don’t mind cock, RHCP still not discussed, cunts4uk, Sunday School revelation and round up, end.

Big Thank-you to the Writing sensation that is Dom Farelli, he actually wrote the stuff above, with his own bare finger taps.

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