21 February 2010

The Podcast Four - Issues and Tissues

Latest episode from The Podcast Four

This week the discussion basis was, “Issues.” George was patronising and Dom was angry, together, there was issues and tissues. Well no tissues, but it rhymes.

Topics discussed;
Harsh opening, new name, few issues, researching diseases, benefit of the rant, hindering, hyper eye guy, patronise, studio 2.0, threats of violence, Hitler accent, what is this YouTube you speak of? Techno-memory, white rappers again, social commentary, pale in mental health, John Maher twitter twat, sex napalm, oozing fuck, white dick supremacist, dropping n-bombs, Coopers roommate, she was fit, motherfucking email, superfan, can’t kill him, wordplay, ‘book, not racist usually means racist, Scottish and Irish denied language, Al in, some talk of this football thing, castle faced Italians, all footballers are rapists, Haiti Vs 9/11, light hearted notes, Katona, Dyer radio, swearing, Dyer on coke - on stage - on unemployment, think Richard think, George don’t know, Noah’s yacht, Doug Stanhope, stiro-gram? Nope, foetus-porn, full on John Maher racist, Engrish, 30 goodbyes, Dom’s plea, goodbye, end.

Written by the bwilliantly named - Dom the ... (fill in space appropriately)


  1. Written by the bwilliantly named - Dom the ...only one that checks the links on your lefty site and notices Twitter goes to this blog rather than direct to Podcast Four.