21 February 2010

Top Stories of the Year 2010

The day is Sunday, the date is the 21st of February, a perfect time - obviously - to do a round-up of the best articles I have read so far this year.

1. PCC and Jan Moir: business as usual? Enemies of Reason

2. Idiot's guide to blaming rape victims - Feminazery

3. Attack on Lily reveals true face of David Cameron - Tank the Tories

4. This is how much the Mail cares about Dover - Tabloid Watch

5. Ourselves, in other contexts - Hannah Nicklin

6. Freeman Project - Old Holborn (1) and Freeman negotiations (2) and finally Freeman update (3)

7. News about dicks - Enemies of Reason

In no particular order other than from 1 to 7.

Enjoy. I did.

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