16 February 2010

Cameron - ITV 'primetime' slot?

So after the vitriol, anger and electioneering accusations levelled at Gordon Brown after his appearance on ITV on Sunday evening, mainly from Tory blogs, newspapers and supporters, it seems the same is going to happen with David Cameron. Taking advantage of your dead children and your family? Using your friends to come across well? Some of the disgusting comments made against Brown; even from the mainstream journalists (Quentin Letts) on Radio Five in particular.

This is all nonsense of course. No-one forced anyone to watch it. Brown came across well, and I am sure Cameron will or would do just the same if he were to do a similar programme. Both have had tragic episodes in their life, and if they would ever take advantage of it to secure an extra couple of votes, they should be ashamed of themselves, and disowned by their current wife's and children! Seriously!

Personalities, life experience and personal opinions will always affect how you judge a politician, and they are one of the only professions that have to be 'judged'. However, the only issue that should really matter, with any vote you cast, is the policies and principles of the parties you choose to vote for. Bear that in mind next time you see or hear about the next episode of 'Gordon and Sarah' on 'Living' or 'Cameron in Ibiza' on his beloved Sky One.


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